Medistar’s New Med Center Highrise Hoping To Lure Clinics, Doctors’ Offices to the Best Western Side of South Main

Medistar is planning to build its 550,000-sq.-ft. medical tower right next to the InterContinental Houston Medical Center hotel and the Greystar apartment highrise it is already constructing on the west side of South Main St. The aerial photograph above, looking south toward the Texas Medical Center campus on the east side of South Main, shows the apartment structure under construction on the west side of the block and the shorter hotel tower also in-progress behind it, fronting the street. North of that construction, the photo shows a yellow highlight around the former Best Western Plaza Hotel at 6700 South Main. That hotel is now scheduled to be replaced by the new 20-or-30-something-floor medical tower pictured at the top of this story.

A single ground-floor lobby facing Old Main St. will serve both the 357-unit hotel and the 375-unit apartment building. Retail and restaurants are planned for the new medical tower’s street level. A skybridge, visible in the rendering below, plugs into the south side of the tower just above its garage level and is intended to connect the hotel and apartments to the medical tower:


Work on the tower is scheduled to begin late next year, around the same time that the hotel and apartments are expected to be completed. Here’s what the completed complex is supposed to look like — once it’s been fitted with destinations for both long- and short-term medical tourists and day-trippers:

Images: Medistar

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  • The med center has been slowly evolving into a separate prominent skyline in Houston. It’s neat to see the upward growth, and nice to the economic diversity the med center brings to the city to counteract the volatility of oil prices. Guess the growth is a reflection of the booming medical economy.

  • Great news for TMC!

  • Too bad the architecture is so underwhelming.