Midway Now Banking Galleria Refugee Trees in Fifth Ward KBR Site for Nebulous East River Purposes

A congregation of relocated trees — many of which have been plucked out of the way of the bus lane work going on along Post Oak Blvd. in Uptown right now — was spotted this week by a Fifth Ward resident checking out the former KBR site along Clinton Dr. CityCentre developer Midway is gearing up the process of rebranding its new old campus along the industrial stretch of Buffalo Bayou as East River; early marketing materials now floating around say they’ve collected some 300 trees from the Uptown work and are saving them for later redeployment in and around the 136-acre development, as part of parks and streetscaping.



Photos: Swamplot inbox

Save the Trees for Later

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  • How do you classify something like this? Agricultural gentrification?

  • How long does it take to recover from transplantation shock? Must be very tough trees.

  • when it comes to gentrification the developers know they have to put money in these preachers and community leaders pockets and they have to make the longtime homeowners rich too,whether it’s in houston,nyc,los angeles,etc.

  • ^ Tough trees indeed. They are getting more street cred by being “FIfth Ward trees” now.

  • Great idea. At the rate this project is going these trees will be enormous when they’re finally used in the 2030s or 40s.

  • I can feel a short story coming on. It’s about a former energy trader/coke head turned full time crack head and a chance encounter with a tree he’s convinced he used to know.