Montrose Shake Shack Shaping Up Nicely in Place of Burger King’s Throne

Wooden siding now covers up all but a small portion of Shake Shack‘s coming store at 1002 Westheimer, in the spot where Burger King collapsed 2 months ago. The new coverings have the restaurant looking a little more like what’s shown in the rendering put out by the burger brand at the end of last month, right around the time that work started on its new building.

Here’s what progress looks like from the west, outside Blacksmith:


For a brief period between the construction start and Burger King’s demise, the busted-up restaurant lay in a pile atop this rocky pedestal:

Photos: Swamplox inbox

Beefing Up Westheimer

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  • It’s a good burger, too bad it’s a $12 combo with a Whataburger Jr.-sized portion.

    I’d rather spend $12 at Smashburger, get just as good of a tasting burger and actually get my money’s worth without having to choke down Shake Shack’s grocery store crinkle fries.

  • you call that a burger!

  • Not impressed with the SS mediocre food or the building design. Seen it all before.