Morningside Thai Moves Away from Morningside, Where a Motel Crotch Frames Townhomes Frames

First things first: Here’s the new location of Morningside Thai. Hoping to open June 22, says owner Ying Roberts, the no-longer-on-Morningside, no-longer-eponymous restaurant can be found at 2473 S. Braeswood Blvd., inside the Kirby Glen Retail Center, north of OST, right where the South Main neighborhood bumps into University Place. Got that? Of course, the Braeswood address might be a tad misleading in this case, since the restaurant actually faces Kirby Dr.


And the restaurant’s old spot just off W. Holcombe Blvd. on Morningside, tabbed for demo at the end of April, is looking a little bald, as of this morning. Owners Ying and Jim Roberts suspect that these rectangular frames have the look of townhomes. If so, they’ll cozy right up to that satellite dish and those teeny rear windows of the Roadway Inn and Suites.

Here was the restaurant, before the demo:

Photos: LoopNet (Old Morningside Thai); Allyn West (others)

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  • Nice! In a neighborhood that has a representative of every junk food chain known to man, this is a welcome addition.

  • what’s going on their old lot on Morningside?

  • There is some serious street name dysphasia going on here.

  • That Sarpino’s has been around for a while, and that Kroger behind them is always busy so I bet they’ll do well there, especially when there are events at Reliant. Good for them.

  • There is some serious street name dysphasia going on here.
    Perfect dining spot before seeing a play at Main St. Theater, unless it is a Sunday matinee…then you go to Cleburne Cafeteria.

  • Awesome, I live near here so I’ll definitely check it out. This part of town is dying for more locally owned places.

  • Found out today that you are open in your new spot and will be there later for dinner. You were missed.