A Briar Hollow Hollow with a Gate and Green To Share

Though that fuzzy border on this rendering suggest this is a gated community you’d see only in your dreams — or maybe in one of its namesake’s illustrated field guides — it appears that Audubon Hollow in Briar Hollow is already under construction. Plans describe 22 3-story houses, designed by Houston’s Butler Brothers, built on 3 acres on Briar Hollow Ln., tucked in that area bound by the Loop, Buffalo Bayou and Memorial Park, and San Felipe, west of River Oaks.


A reader sends this photo of what appears to be the construction entrance. If you can swing the $1.7 million asking price for the 5,000-sq.-ft. to 6,500-sq.-ft. homes, you’ll be able to choose among 11 floor plans named for flowers, trees, and birds. (’Cuz Audubon was outdoorsy. Just like these homes.) Another selling point? Green stuff:

The site is just north along E. Briar Hollow Ln. from the new Liberty Kitchen and that 5-story apartment complex going up off San Felipe; and there’s another gated community planned just a mile to the south of here on Bancroft Ln. in the so-called River Oaks District.

Images: Butler Brothers (drawings); Becca Hoffman (site)

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  • Audubon had an interesting method when it came to nature study: shoot first and ask questions later!

  • 7 homes per acre!! Now that is density

  • Large moving vans may be unable to complete the hairpin turns at each end of the central, tree-lined driveway; and they probably won’t want to try backing down the narrow, winding, and sloping entry road.