Mosaic Penthouse Back With Half-Million Price Drop, Axes To Grind

5925 Almeda Rd. #12809, Hermann Park, Houston, TX 77004

Mosaic and Montage Towers, Hermann Park, HoustonThat mosaic-filled penthouse in the north tower of the split-up-then-stuck-back-together Mosaic highrise complex has been relisted once again as of Friday, this time down at $1.49 million. The unit hit the market in 2014 asking for $2.05 million (up from the $930,000 it originally sold for in 2012, in the wake of the original owners’ bank-rupturing bankruptcy). Since then, the listing has taken only a few quick days off here and there to step down the price. The customized 3-bedroom pad includes the mother-of-pearl show-off-whatever-you-want slots in the main entryway (shown above; sick guitar collection not included). Here’s a look around at some of the unit’s other tilework:







And a peek out the windows and balconies at those panoramic views of downtown and the Medical Center:






There’s the former Montage to the south:


Photos: Matthew Rutledge (second; license), HAR (all others)

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  • Does anyone know why there are always so many units for sale in that building?

  • I would venture to say that the incompetent architectural design that created a huge number of units with obstructed (facing the other tower) or uninteresting (south down 288) views may have something to do with the sales situation at the Mosaic.

  • Is it required to have at least 50% of your unit done in mosaic tiles at the Mosiac?

  • master closet looks bigger than master bedroom.

  • Does anyone actually like those raised sinks?

  • Q: Why are there so many unit available? A: Each individual tower contains almost 400 units and (this penthouse unit notwithstanding) there is relatively little variation in the small floorplans that are available. While there are other condo towers that are taller or that have more floor area, Mosaic was unique in that regard.
    Also, no other condo towers, to the extent that units get rented out, have to directly compete with a professionally-managed rental-only doppelganger which is attached at the hip.