Mosaic South Tower Only Now Going by Hanover Hermann Park

MOSAIC SOUTH TOWER ONLY NOW GOING BY HANOVER HERMANN PARK The 29-story, 394-unit glass apartment building at 5927 Almeda Rd. known as the Mosaic South Tower, and before that the Montage, and before that the south tower of the Mosaic, shall henceforth (or until it sells again, probably) be known as the Hanover Hermann Park. (It’s pictured at right in the above photo.) Last week PGIM, the real estate division of Prudential Financial, bought the building, which fronts Hermann Park and backs up to 288 — along with the retail portion of the building’s gone-condo identical twin immediately to the north, still known not-at-all-confusingly as the Mosaic on Hermann Park. The seller was Winthrop Realty Liquidating Trust, which (in case it’s not obvious from that company’s name) is in the process of selling off every property it owns. In case the name change wouldn’t be enough of a clue, a note sent last week to residents by the seller indicates that the building will now be managed by the Hanover Company. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: elnina, via Swamplot Flickr pool

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  • As an aside, demolition work south of the Mosaic eliminated an old abandoned complex directly to the south, which was probably deeply inundated by Harvey. Guessing more townhouses will sprout just south of there.

    Waiting for the mixed retail at ground level to recover, the simultaneous loss of Davis Street and the Mosaic Lounge doesn’t seem to have been offset yet.

    Insider Tip: there is a secret easter egg on the south building that references its Montage heritage. Any specific reference would likely result in its erasure, but it is there…

  • “If you build it, they will come.” NOT!!!! Seems this place has struggled ever since it was completed.