New Fluff Bake Bar from Former Top Chef Contestant Will Be in Midtown, If Y’All Pay Up

Kraftsmen Cafe, 611 W. 22nd St., Houston HeightsThe undisclosed location of the planned Fluff Bake Bar retail location and bar is somewhere in Midtown, owner Rebecca Masson tells Swamplot. But there’s a bit of fundraising to do before the former Top Chef Just Desserts contestant can sign the lease she’s been getting ready for the space. The self-described “Sugar Hooker” currently operates her wholesale dessert business out of space she shares with 5 other businesses in the Kraftsmen Cafe kitchen at 611 W. 22nd St. in the Heights, selling fluffernutters, cake-in-cup cupcakes, and macaroons to retailers such as Revival Market, Double Trouble, Southside Espresso, and Inversion Coffee House. But if her just-launched Kickstarter campaign bears fruit . . . er, compote, she’ll move all operations to the new space. In addition to desserts, Masson is hoping to serve beer and wine at her “proper dessert bar.” She’s hoping to bring in $50,000 in crowdfunded donations within a month.

Photo of Kraftsmen Cafe: Soo Kim

A Dessert Bar Bar

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  • I hope she succeeds with the fundraising.

  • Call me callous, but wouldn’t a small business loan be a better option?

  • Another Swampie nomination for word of the year – fluffernutter.

  • For $10K I would be expecting a % of the business, not just a cookie named after me….

  • @Devon

    I would think a small business loan would be difficult to get at a reasonable rate. The kickstarter claims they sold 48,000 pieces last year, which sounds like a lot. But at roughly $2 a pop, thats less than 100k in revenue. Take out supplies, rent and the cooking assistant and it doesn’t seem too profitable. If she is going to ride the TV fame, she is going to need to sell a whole heck’ova lot more of the sweets.

  • Taking that Sweet Lola space on W Gray?

  • Um, a fluffernutter is not a new word. In fact, it’s the official sandwich of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! Oct 8 is National Fluffernutter Day.