New Heights El Rey Taqueria Location Now Rising Along North Loop Burger King’s Western Border

New El Rey location, 219 W. 28th St., Houston Heights, Houston, 77008
El Rey at 3330 Ella Blvd., Oak Forest, Houston, 77018The crown sigil of El Rey Cuban & Mexican Cuisine has been sighted by a reader along the south side of the North Loop, just west of Yale St. and of the Burger King that has long reigned on that corner. The official address of the new spot (per the permits issued over the summer) looks to be 219 W. 28th St., and the property appears to have frontage on both W. 28th and the 610 feeder.

The new 2-story building appears to keep some stylistic elements of the Oak Forest spot up on Ella Blvd. at 34th St. (shown in the 2nd photo for comparison); that Oak Forest location looks to be getting knocked down after the business’s lease expires to make room for food truck parking, per current plans for a new shopping center at the corner [that one that — disclosure — sponsored Swamplot a few times this year].


New El Rey location, 219 W. 28th St., Houston Heights, Houston, 77008

Photos: Swamplot inbox (1st and 3rd photos), Stephen G. (2nd photo)

2-Story Taqueria

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  • poor oak forest residents are losing one of the few local eats they can call theirs

  • Not bad! While not in the heart of Oak Forest, this is still more convenient to GOOF and the Heights proper than the Washington/Shepherd location.

  • Damn…I would’ve been able to walk to this location had I not sold my house two years ago. Oh well…Weights + Measures is 6 blocks away from me now. :-)