New Houston Steak ’n Shakes Ready To Bake

NEW HOUSTON STEAK ’N SHAKES READY TO BAKE Thirty years after its first big move into Houston (with 5 locations that didn’t last too long), fast-food burger operation Steak ’n Shake is ready to roll into town in a big way again. Chodrow Realty Advisors’ David Littwitz says he’s been working to get 5 new franchises of the national chain open here soon — 1 this year, and 4 next. A Steak ’n Shake restaurant on FM 1960 at Eldridge has been open for 3 years; a second location on the I-10 feeder at Westgreen in Katy opened last year. [Houston Business Journal; history] Photo: Robert S.

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  • Excellent news. I love SnS. But where? The HBJ article doesn’t say. Any Swamplot sleuths out there know?

  • They won’t be around long if they are anything like the one on 1960. The shakes are great but the food is absolutely horrible. They only thing they have going for them is they are 24 hours and have a 2am to 4am happy hour.

  • …it has been years since I’ve gotten a Lime Freeze fix?

  • I’ve been to the one on 1960 three or four times and it’s comparable to other SnS’s in other states. Unless it’s declined sharply.

    The burgers are good but small, the shakes are good, and the fries and chili are unusual but acquired tastes. No, it doesn’t compare to Goode Company or Beck’s Prime, but it is pretty good for what it is. And every one I’ve ever been in has been packed.

  • I was certainly underwhelmed with the food at SnS when I lived in Dallas and they started opening stores there. Add the fact that you have a waiter that you have to tip and I just don’t think it’s a good value.

  • One was supposed to open at Kirby and 59 a few years ago, next to the CVS. Not sure what happened with that deal.

  • SnS is overpriced and the bill for glorified fast food adds up real fast since one has to tip the wait staff. It’s just not worth it.

  • SnS is one of my guilty pleasures that I’ve missed since moving to Houston. We had them in Kansas City, and like others have said, the food is an acquired taste. But the shakes are worth it.

  • As I’ve said before in other places, yes, there are plenty of people who think the food is below par and overpriced. I find the service charming and the food decent but I’m not going to go there several times a week no matter what. Does anyone have any more info about the _locations?_

  • Mmm – mm – Chili Mac! Please open a location inside, or near, the loop. I’m not driving to Katy or 1960 for a Steakburger.

  • It looks like a fastfood place.

  • Ick…when I went to the 1960 location soon after it opened 3 yrs ago, I was very disapointed in the food. Never ever have been back and never will.

  • Steak&&Shake is a great concept for the 1950s, before McDonald’s showed everyone how fast fast food really could be. The shakes are tasty, but the food is sloooooow. And the way you have to special order lettuce and tomato is silly. I suppose at 3am the bright lights and black&white tiles help keep you from falling asleep.

  • Been to the Westgreen & I-10 location four times since they opened. The service is SO bad I would refuse to stop there if it was the last place open in Katy. They do not care about the customers, they don’t listen to the orders (got them wrong 2 of the 4 times), extrememly slow. The place is full of employees but zero customer service. The last time I went, four people were standing around the drive thru window were more interested in their weekend plans. Not one more dollar of my money!

  • YES! Having grown up in St. Louis, I am a Steak ‘n Shake fanatic! This is gonna make my husband angry though, he can no longer use the excuse that the Katy SNS is too far–here’s my fingers crossed for a Memorial-area location!