Nightclub Hughes Hangar Secures Doors for Sudden Takeoff from Washington Ave

Hughes Hangar, 2811 Washington Ave., Houston, 77007

Hughes Hangar, 2811 Washington Ave., Houston, 77007Hughes Hangar is finished with the spot at 2811 Washington Ave., behind Affection clothing boutique at the corner with Epstein Ct. The gastropub-nightclub announced on social media on Saturday that “everything is priced at $4.00” and that the business would close for good at the end of the night. The club posted earlier in the week about an electrical fire that knocked out audio and internet systems; posts to the venue’s Twitter and Facebook accounts on Thursday assured customers that the space would be open for the weekend, though the bar would be running cash only until credit card infrastructure was repaired.


Hughes Hangar’s bar, patio, and parking lot sit across Washington from the Shell gas station and the Sonic drive-in at National St. Across the Hughes parking lot, fellow airport-themed club and events venue The De Gaulle doesn’t appear to have made a closing announcement, though it is owned and operated by the same group. Currently, 2 of the bar’s owners are developing gastropub Chapman & Kirby in the former Kitchen Depot warehouse at Lamar and St. Emanuel in the East Village complex in East Downtown.

Photos: Hughes Hangar (patio), Carola M. (sign)

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  • I’ve lived and worked within a mile of it for 10 years and never went there. Bit of trivia, Hughes grave site is pretty much right behind Hughes Hangar in Glenwood Cemetery.

  • Yeah right…first an “electrical fire,” then cash only until the machine gets fixed, then suddenly closing forever. Why lie to your customers? You could probably make more money by hosting a closing party. Seems like restaurants/bars do this all the time. Makes you wonder what’s going on behind the scenes, and how mis-managed it must be.

    On another note, these guys must be making a killing to be able to move down the street and start all over again. Wondering if they are leaving anyone holding the bag on the shuttered sites each time.

  • Superdave: What makes you think their story doesn’t hold up?

  • The story is bogus because it is quite easy to get another credit card processor if something goes wrong. They wanted to be “cash only” to skirt taxes in their final days.