North of the Main Line: Trainspotting on Quitman

There’s been a Metro train siting at the new Quitman station of the North Line extension, just south of the train’s turnoff from North Main, reader Joel Balderas reports. Unlike earlier appearances, the train appears to be operating under its own power. Here’s the photo evidence:


The track, which will extend the sole existing rail line almost to past the North Loop, is scheduled to open December 21.

Photos: Joel Balderas

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  • Yeah they’ve been running up and down the full length of the North Line for several weeks on their own power. I think it’s been more than a month already.

  • I saw a few trains (very slowly) climbing the new bridge and parking at the impressive Burnett Transit Center station. Houston’s finally got an El!

  • Now we can ride from the Northline Mall to the Dome. From one obsolete 60s icon to another.

  • Doesn’t look like great walking traffic. Who is supposed to use that station?

  • Well they could watch the metro on Main Street near Herman most evenings and see the same thing. It just sits at stations for 15 minutes at a time for no apparent reason. I really want to use the train coming from downtown, but my god it is so inefficient.

  • @Houston19514,

    It should also be elevated at another intersection further north. That will make 3 grade-separated parts for this line, plus another 2 for the East Line. I just wish that much more of this system were grade-separated. It costs more, but it would be worth the wait to do it correctly.

    @John C,
    Yes, exactly. I’m curious to see what ridership will be and what the excuses will be.

  • The line extends past North Loop and Crosstimbers to Northline Transit Center.

  • @JL: Thanks for catching our error; it’s fixed now. North Line to Northline — of course!

  • The North Line got turned over from the construction teams to METRO operations last week. From now until December, they will be simulating operations, so trains on the line will be routine sight — I’m looking out a Downtown window at a train at the Burnett station right now.

  • So the trains are becoming self-powered now, huh. No more overhead wires, then?

  • Its ridership will be great mainly because of the Northline Commons, the first major shopping center connected to rail…and yes it is a major shopping area with over 100 stores also many restaurants, as well as the HCC Campus. This station and Burnett Station will be the bulk ridership stations. Just as when the Southeast Line comes to, its bulk will be due to EaDo residents, UH/TSU students and Palm Center Government offices. The East End im not sure of however!

  • Does anyone know if parking will be available near the Northline transit center?