One Final Fiesta Fiesta

ONE FINAL FIESTA FIESTA It’s adios for the 60-year-old Heights market — Bridgewood Properties is building a 4-story senior-living complex in its place — but there will be one more flicker before the lights go out: Bridgewood President Jim Gray tells the Leader he pushed back the start of construction “so that the Houston Heights Association could hold its annual Candlelight Dinner & Auction … the Heights’ premier social function.” Gray adds: “It seemed like the right thing to do.” [The Leader; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • I really hate to see that store go. I always pledged that if I ever came into a large amount of money, I would buy that property and keep it a grocery store. I see some people saying this is an example of “density”, but they are taking away an important retail service that neighbors can walk to. I used to walk to that store almost every day myself. It doesn’t serve the true purposes and benefits of urban density to take that way.

  • That’s how I felt about Jamail’s and Battlestein’s on South Shepherd. Life goes on. And Petco ensues.

  • I already knew about the demise of this Fiesta, but I’m still not happy about it. Twas my second favorite location.

  • Thank God ( or Marvy Finger ) that this very outdated useless center is being demolished as I write , sitting across the street in the new , clean ,freak HEB. Competition is good for the hood. P

  • Oops. Typo : meant clean, FRESH HEB. Though there are some freaks in this store right now. You gotta look for them!!!!

  • Oops #2, Patrick – you’ve got the wrong Fiesta. The Studewood Fiesta was the only full on grocery store of any brand for a mile or more in any direction – further if you’re looking for an HEB instead of a Kroger complete with shouting shelves. Those of us who were near it were quite fond of it.