Largest Skate Park in U.S. Gets Rolling in Greenspoint

Stoked by the success of the Lee and Joe Jamail Skate Park on Sabine St., the City of Houston earlier this week broke ground that’ll soon be smoothed over by 72,000 sq. ft. of concrete; the 10-acre Spring Recreational Area in Greenspoint will feature what’s being billed as the largest skate park in the U.S.

Something like the rendering above is planned for the site on Kuykendahl, just west of I-45 and north of Beltway 8. It’s projected to cost $5.5 million. That cost includes the construction of “speed hips” and “flow bowls” and “a couple of backyard-style pools,” the Greenspoint District says — things any park worth its vert ramps needs to attract national competitions.

Skateboarders will share the acreage with Dylan’s Park, a “Park Without Limits” that will include equipment and implements designed for children with disabilities. Greenspoint District says the designs are done; the whole thing’s going to be ready in Spring 2014.

Rendering: Greenspoint District

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  • skate AND die!

  • Wait, do kids still skateboard these days? I thought internet killed all that.

  • Tell me they have a security plan. This is not the nicest part of town.

  • Will a portion of the park be dedicated to parkour? If not, I’m sure all the kids can practice their parkour by evading all the criminals in the Greenspoint area.

  • Kind of like a shooting gallery with skateboarders instead of little duckies?

  • I once had to photograph those apartment complexes for the Apartment Guide so I KNOW you don’t want to even GO there.

  • I look forward to this and will definitely go once it’s open. Maybe it will help give some of the kids in the area something to do.

  • Nice project, but I would have much rather seen the centralized animal control and adoption center campus done first at roughly the same price tag.

  • If it’s like the one located off Sabine Street, there are attendants at the facility to monitor. If they carry this concept to the Greenspoint location, hopefully it will deter the unseemly crowd for ruining it for others. Running by the Sabine street location, it is nice to see the younger crowd out enjoying themselves in what looks like a fun outdoor activity.

  • Skaters > Thugs

  • Do they make bulletproof skateboards?

  • awesome news, and regardless of the surrounding area i’m sure that thing will be packed from morning to night.

  • I wonder if this goes along with a plan of reinventing gunspoint?

  • You people never cease to amazed me. You all are acting like Greenspoint is full of crooks and criminals. Yes there are murders there but there is crime everywhere nowadays.

  • Does anyone know where the park is located?

  • I think that this effort will further help to diversify the community and kids will have something constructive to do with their time. Yes, it may even pull them away from the video games. I can’t wait till it opens!

  • Great news!

  • Will bmx be an option.I mean share the wealth

  • GUNSPOINT? I want to rent out bullet-proof vests for everyone going- I’ll make MILLIONS!!!

  • Are bikes allowed

  • Bikes are NOT allowed… Talk to joe turner why. He is parks director for city of Houston.

  • so its the biggest in the U.S but not in a good location. but my question is how many pros are going to show up.

  • If I were some of you, I would be more worried about those supposed “safe” havens,than Greenspoint.Man..Ive never understood the logic of some of the thoughts on here. Do you tell me that if Greenspoint Skatepark was built in a fancy part of town that no murders or robberies won’t occur there? I would think that it would happen more there because most people would think that there are affluent people in those places and moreso…because of naive NIMBY(not in my backyard)mentality like some of the writers on here.What a shame! Like “Me” said ,crime takes place the good and bad parts of town.The only difference is the matter of people being honest about the crime rates in their neck of town.Too often , people in those nice parts of town aren’t always honest about their crime rates.

  • I live in Greenspoint. (actually right across the street from said park. I’ve been here for like 6 years. nothing bad has happened especially not to kids. sure there’s crimes but on a day to day nothing ever really happens in Greenspoint. So, be scared stay in your town sip your tea or coffee whatever you fancy. I’ll be skating this sick park.

  • Went to Dylan Park today and took my son who is an aspie. He loved it!! We live in Greenspoint. I feel so blessed to have this beautiful park so close to our home. I am not a criminal and I live here. We need things like this everywhere for our children to thrive and grow in their surroundings. Shame on you for the stereotypical thoughts that all people here are criminals and thugs. We are hard working moms and dads of great kiddos too!

  • This is such a sick park. I wish I lived closer. I usually skate Jamail on my lunch break. I started skating again 5 years ago after basically quitting 10 years ago. I’m a 35 year old father of two with a 9-5 and a mortgage. The parks are that good. I just wish these existed 20 years ago. Probably would have kept us out of trouble.

  • This park discriminates against scooter kids, rollerblader kids, and quad-rollerskater kids in that it only allows skateboarders. All other rolling sports are excluded. It is a blight on Houston that a place with such a disregard for diversity and creativity exists, but be warned before you visit, only to leave with disappointed kids.