Orangetheory Fitness Is Now Cropping Up Behind the New 610 Whole Foods

The chain’s new 3004 Yale St. location opens next Friday, September 28 in the strip behind the 4-week-old grocery store and its parking lot off 610. Just off-camera to the left of the gym’s spot is the Verizon store that’s already doing business in the retail building.

It’s holding down the fort all by itself right now, but once Orangetheory moves in next door a bunch more tenants are expected to follow:



Still available at the end of the strip: a 2,459-sq.-ft. space indicated in the map above from Fidelis Realty. Restaurants, hair and nail venues, a lone dentist, and full-body stretching studio appear to have the rest of the building reserved.

Directly behind Whole Foods, a separate but abutting building will house the strip mall’s second-largest tenant: a medical clinic.

Photos: Orangetheory Fitness Houston (new gym); Marc Longoria (Whole Foods). Map: Fidelis Realty

Independence Heights

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