Pitch 25 from Brian Ching: An EaDo Soccer Bar with a Soccer Field Inside and a Bigger One Across the Street

Interior demo work is mostly complete on a 75-year-old single-story brick warehouse lining Walker St. in East Downtown, ahead of its opening next spring as what its promoters are calling Houston’s premier soccer bar and restaurant. What might confer premier status on this venue, called Pitch 25  — beyond its location across the street from BBVA Compass Stadium? Perhaps the presence of an actual indoor soccer field inside, hosting league play.

Among the transformations planned for the 25,000-sq.-ft. structure in its coming rehab: knocking a large hole in the roof off the building’s Hutchins St.–facing west end — to let sunlight and rain into an outdoorish beer garden planned for the interior. Also, to provide sunlight for the interior trees:


Funds for Pitch 25’s building and operating costs are now being raised through a crowdfunding campaign on NextSeed fronted by former Houston Dynamo forward Brian Ching.

Here’s a video showing images of the completed space at 904 Hutchins St.:

Images and video: Pitch 25

And a Hole in the Roof

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  • Capital idea!
    Though the interior renderings don’t do anything for me…

  • Looks amazing!

    Agree on the renderings though. I would be happy to help out with the renderings. Check me out at PHOrelism.com. I am also within walking distance of the the site. We have been living in EaDo for about 5 years now…. can’t wait!

  • Judging by the size of this warehouse and the rendering the soccer “field” would be miniscule. Just perfect to stand with a beer in hand and only have to move a couple feet this way and that.

  • haha – probably no beers allowed on the pitch!
    Indoor soccer has just 5 or 6 per side and uses a smaller field. Arena Futbal has 8 players per side.

  • I meant to add, this looks about 50′ long? So maybe 1/3 of in Indoor field. So maybe 3-5 players per side. It would be fun!

  • They going to call it “Nil-Nil”?

  • I think it will be one on one, just a series of nut shots. That would be a good bar name. “Nut Shots!”