Preston Bolton’s Pine Hollow Home — For Less!

When last we left this little number in Pine Hollow — the longtime home of Preston Bolton, the Houston architect who did tall ceilings before tall ceilings were cool — it was 2008, and the place was listed for just south of $2 million. But it didn’t sell at that price, or a few other ones tried later. Last week it went back on the market at a new low: $1,450,000. Anything in this 1970 structure been, well, updated in the 3 intervening years? Well, the photos at least:


There is a 2-car attached garage (that was ignored in the original listing). Still the same: The 5,261-sq.-ft., 5-bedroom, 3-bath home’s perch on the south bank of Buffalo Bayou, just west of Memorial Park.

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  • Ah, if I had a million (or 2) to spare…

  • Absolutely gorgeous house with personality to spare, but it needs to be torn down and replaced with 4 ugly townhomes… It’s what “the market” demands.

  • I am not loving the exterior, but the interiors… ooooh lala. I suppose I could close my eyes and run inside real quick. After all, how much time do you actually spend staring at the outside of your own house. My theory is that you should move into a house whose interior you love and across from a house whose exterior you find pleasing… or put a big mirror in your lawn, facing your house. There’s nothing like moving into your dream house when the house across the street looks like crap. Guess what you have to look at every day, all day: crap and that crap gets to look at your maintained gardens, graceful porch and coordinated outdoor rugs and pillows.

  • I guess there was a sale on Saltillo tile when they build this place.

  • Wow, new photos are much better. When will this be a mod-of-the-month?

  • I consider this one of the finest homes in Houston…it was a huge success when first built….heaven on earth…

  • I hope not. Mod of the mont + blog entry in swamplot = demolition report.

  • month, not “mont”.

  • I’m surprised at the apparent infatuation that Houston architects had with the saltillo tile. That William Cannady house at Montrose and Bissonet had it also.

  • I’ve been in this house several years ago. I think it was on a RDA tour of homes by the bayou.

  • I’m volunteering to drive the bulldozer when this thing is torn down like the rest of them to build modern, more energy efficient, and better sellable home.

  • Lovely 70’s modern but a flat roof in Houston is asking for a leak along with a hard to heat/ac home with what looks like aluminum windows that probably fog. No going barefoot in this house unless you want sore feet on all that tile.

  • Exterior is ugly. Interior is very nice and has personality. Pink kitchen is awful.

  • No need to drive that bulldozer, commonsense. It is market driven. By idiots.

  • Preston loved his dead level, coal tar pitch roofs. Have fun replacing that puppy when the time comes. Ka-ching!!!

    As far as the “neighbors across the street”, Mel, its not so bad. Come in off the ledge.

  • haha @JP, Mel was getting hysterical.
    I agree the photos are excellent!
    Home so liveable & inviting, yet stately, dignified.
    Saltillo was hugely popular for years, not just particularly in Mods. I happen to like it: no stilettos, no skateboards.

  • Saltillo was hugely popular for years…

    Growing up, I helped my Dad lay more than one Saltillo tile floor, so when I see one it usually sparks some memories.

  • That mauve color on the cabinets was popular in the 80s. I wonder if it was renovated then?

  • You guys really need to see the “crap” across from my house.

  • I read someplace the floors are concrete tiles not Saltillo. Looks like it could use some minor renovations but all in all I’m in love.