Reader Questions for Cosmo

From the Swamplot mailbin, questions about the tower Randall Davis got up:

I would like an update on the Cosmopolitan. I drove by and it looks like barely anyone is living in the building. Roughly 20% of the units are either for sale or lease in the building. Given the problems the Titan is having in sales, can anyone provide insight into the viability of the Cosmopolitan. Does anyone live there? How is it?

The last time Swamplot posted a reader’s questions about the Cosmopolitan, the response was . . . underwhelming. Anybody home?

Photo of Cosmopolitan Tower: HAR

One Comment

  • Of the 79 units in HCAD’s list, 19 of them are owned by COSMOPOLITAN VP LP, 1 by COSMO CONDOS LLC, and 10 others by an entity with INC, LLP, HOLDINGS, ENTERPRISE, INTERNATIONAL, or similar in its name. There are a surprising number of Chinese and Spanish surnames among the remaining owners.