Reflected in a Mission Bend Home

What’s that glow on the horizon? Could it be flashing reflections of the sparkly and shiny finishes inside this 2003 home in Mission Bend? The highly polished property in the Keegan’s Ridge neighborhood appeared on the market last week; it has an asking price that’s just a dollar short of $200,000.


Gleaming black-and-white marble flooring picks up the theme established by the twinkling office lights in the family room photo-mural’s skyline view (above). A hallway (and more glossy marble flooring) leads past the haze of spray art on a smokey mirrored wall  in the dining room, found at the front of the 2,641-sq.-ft. home:

Glistening red countertops beneath flaring pendant lights help cast a rosy glow in the kitchen, where the marble tiles go marching next:

The carpeted staircase seems to act as a room divider off the kitchen’s informal eating area. A nearby room’s cotton puff wallpaper (and zebra pillow) provide clues that it’s the previously pictured family room:

All 4 bedrooms are upstairs. Here’s what appears to be the master bedroom, which features a frieze of mirrors as well as another mural, this one a waterfront of some sort:

Listing photos of the color-popping secondary bedrooms share window glare:

The triple window of this bedroom places it above the front-loading 2-car garage:

An extra room, spice-tinted, could be the second living area mentioned in the listing.

Meanwhile, outside, the backyard patio has sprouted a cozy, canopied room — fully enclosed by draperies. So the breeze is manmade:

The back yard is on the east side of the of 5,775-sq.-ft. lot:

The property has a $250 annual maintenance fee.

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  • I just threw up a little in my mouth..

  • I’m not usually one to turn up my nose because of décor, because it’s just paint… but this is not going to be cheap or easy to de-disco-ify.

  • I’ve said this before and this site seems to verify every day that there is no accounting for other people’s taste. Which comes first? The crazy decor which makes the inhabitants crazy, or are the inhabitants crazy to begin with and that leads to the crazy decor.

  • By golly, they DO have color!!

    I love some color on the walls. Hate beige, tan, cream, almond, yada yada yada.

    But….these colors, they don’t do it for me either.

  • For about a week of sweat equity you could shift this house from “abomination” to “bland” and then get started on making it nice.

    Other than the red countertops, of course.

  • Needs glitter.
    You never have too much glitter.