Reign of New East End Farmers Market on the Navigation Esplanade Begins This Sunday

REIGN OF NEW EAST END FARMERS MARKET ON THE NAVIGATION ESPLANADE BEGINS THIS SUNDAY navigation-esplanadeLocal veggie standouts Finca Tres Robles and the Last Organic Outpost will be among the 35 vendors on hand on April 12th for the inaugural East End farmers’ market on the Navigation Blvd. esplanade (pictured here), across from the original Ninfa’s. The East End Foundation, the event’s nonprofit sponsor, says it’ll be the first farmers market in Houston to accept electronic food stamps. The market will run every Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm at 2800 Navigation; strolling mariachis will kick of this weekend’s grand opening, to be answered by a few sets from Sister Sister y Los Misters. Also available: meats from Texas T Kobe Beef and Al Marcus’s Grateful Bread. Photo: East End Foundation  

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  • This is going to do VERY well for the East End transplants. With no grocery options within immediate reach, we may be doing our weekly grocery shopping here.

  • Organic trend is a brilliant marketing ploy and is a big trend, however there’s zero evidence that organic fruit and vegetables are better for you. Numerous studies showed that organics are no more nutritious or safer for you than regular ones. Organics still use fertilizers and pesticides which they call “natural” but actually means chemically impure and unpredictable. As far as taste goes, if you ever lived on a farm you know that fruit and vegetable taste can vary greatly from patch to patch and even two plants that grew next to each other, nothing to do with whether it’s organic or not.

    Meat is a little more complicated because you can clearly taste the difference in meat depending on what the animal eats. Injectable hormones and antibiotics also have adverse effects but are being phased out by most of producers even non-organic ones. So, you can get non-hormone, non-antibiotic, grass fed meat that is NOT organic.

  • Thing is most people do not get their foodstamps Until the 15th of the month

  • Food stamps? Shhhhhh……. Don’t scare the white people.

  • I agree commonsense. I was reading Exxon Mobile’s statement on this the other day and as they so brilliantly pointed out, asbestos is even completely fine to ingest, too. It’s all a big liberal lie that it’s a carcinogen and those lemmings just follow whatever Martha Stewart and Obama tell them to follow right off the insane liberal cliff. I prefer my oranges dipped in lead paint and my tomatoes grown on vines ascending power lines, which I have no doubt has increased my testosterone levels and helped me sire 6 healthy young men who are all now in the Marines fighting for your freedoms and liberties. It’s reassuring that “new” human knowledge is largely farcical as we largely knew everything we ever needed to know about the world by 200 AD (Not that liberal CE nonsense). Godspeed W.L Pierce and the true libertarians of the Caucasus Mountains!

  • Way to go, Progg. Nice racist slur. Only people like you could turn a positive thing like a Farmer’s Market into something divisive and racial. smh

  • I wish this were on Saturday mornings. Because I am at church on Sunday morning. We leave the house at 8:30 to and don’t leave church until 12:30.

  • @Jane, perhaps you should rearrange your rigid schedule of four hours of repeating medieval fairy tales a week to accommodate the farmer’s market, not the other way around.

  • Joe,
    I’m not sure who it is that you think I’m slurring. Before you tell me, I suggest that you keep your head in the sand for a little longer and think about it first.

  • As I was just losing hope in Swamplot, the perfect post appears at the last minute and saves the day. It’s a veritable powder keg for a hilarious discussion…class warfare, wealth redistribution, gentrification, patriotism, and farming techniques all suddenly pop up in volleys of snark and vitriole.

    I love this site.

  • REIGN OF NEW EAST END FARMERS MARKET: The veggie-terrorists have won. It says so right in the title. They have conquered part of our fair city. Hopefully there will be peas after we mash them like potatoes.

  • This is good. I’m hoping the East End becomes Houston’s fruit and vegetable basket. Urban Harvest is over here and I’m seeing a few gardens popping up and this side of town doesn’t have the commercial congestion of the West side so the potential is enormous considering the trend is locally grown, whole, raw and herbivorous.

  • @Superdave with the comment of the day, closely followed by @commonsense medieval fairytale comment

  • It is terrific that they are going to be accepting food stamps from day one. Good work whoever made that happen. The Houston Food Policy Workgroup has advocated for comprehensively solving this problem for every farmers’ market and CSA across the region to support our local farmers and our low income neighbors at the same time. Many communities across the country follow up with a “double bucks” style program that provides an incentive for the options of buying healthy, local food while supporting local farmers even more. A bill in the Texas Legislature would do this:

    However, the three City of Houston Health Department Farmer’s Markets already accept food stamps, so this market is not the first in Houston:

  • Great use of land. It is good to see our city start to embrace sustainability and locally sourced items