Second Tres Market Heading to Upper Kirby Warehouse Pair Across from Ghanian Consulate, Behind River Oaks Donuts

Memorial Dr.’s Tres Market Foods is expanding to the pair of black and off-white buildings pictured above at 2620 Joanel St. behind the Westheimer strip home to River Oaks Donuts and across the street from the 2-story building housing the Honorary Consulate of Ghana. Formerly a row of separate lots, Houston’s city planning commission approved a request to consolidate the warehouse parcels all into a single property earlier this year. Since then, a handful of permits have come through as part the paperwork to prep the structures for remodeling.

Together, they total 5,400 sq.-ft.:


And are mediated by a narrow, fenced-off yard:

The market’s current location — which stocks a variety of prepared foods — occupies this strip just inside Beltway 8, on the corner of Boheme Dr.:

It originally shared the building before annexing the neighboring Memorial Food Store to become the sole tenant in 2015.

Photos: Swamplox inbox (new location); Tres Market Foods (current location)

Prepared Food Preparations