Sharpstown Drive-Thru Parking Lot Bar Planning Options for Walkers, Eaters, Sitters Too

The drive-your-drinks-home daquiri shop planned for former MJ Motorcars office island at 8275 Beechnut St. (in the parking lot of stripmall nightclub Club Tequila) isn’t just going to be a drive-thru bar, a media rep for Prime Daquiri tells Swamplot. The rep says it’ll have a full kitchen, too — and that the company will be opting for screwtop bottles for their drinks instead of a Louisiana-style tape-on-the-top arrangement, as far as legal distribution goes. The landscaping and portico in the above rendering of the remodel show options for customers on foot, as well — or perhaps even those who want to dine (or drink) in. The bar is planned near the parking lot’s Watermill Express kiosk, though going the nonalcoholic route will require self-service.

Images: John Mene (rendering); Erick Ganzo (photo)

Prime Location

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  • They should’ve even be able to call it a daquiri or margarita if it’s made with wine.

  • Either the Escalade SUV shown in the rendering is grossly mis-scaled, or it is actually a child’s power wheels toy car

  • I feel like there are a lot of jokes here that just write themselves.

  • At least the rendering doesn’t have half-transparent ghost people walking around, like most renderings do nowadays.