05/14/12 11:43pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE FLEA MARKET GROWTH CYCLE Canton Trade Days would not have lasted this long if it was a ‘secret.’ I used to go there twice a year, spring and fall. It was fun stomping around on the grounds amid tables and tents full of so many varieties of ‘stuff.’ Then, the owners started building all these covered pavilions, permanent structures with concrete floors and tall tin roofs. Naturally the vendors love them but rent is higher. So naturally the vendors have to charge more. So naturally, being a buyer, I’d buy less. And so on and so on etc. It’s not so fun anymore. But . . . I’m sure that there will always be those like the author of the above article who will discover the flea market and think it’s wonderful, thus establishing a family outing tradition for a number of years until it’s no longer fun for them. And so on and so on etc.” [PYEWACKET2, commenting on Headlines: The Chinese Drywall of Ashford Place; Oldest and Biggest Outdoor Flea]

06/09/08 4:46pm

Corner of Airline Dr. and Hill Rd., Houston

Fox TV reporter Isiah Carey breathlessly describes the scene yesterday at Airline Dr. and Hill Rd. — “probably one of the most dangerous areas in our city” — where he had stopped to plug a leaky tire:

In the 15 minutes I was there I witnessed 2 hit and run accidents. One truck hit a car and then drove off. The other was a car slamming into a SUV and the driver of the car also took off. In both cases the victims pursued the drivers who hit them. Then there was almost a third accident but the drivers managed to avoid hitting each other. But the fun didn’t end there. There was another instance where two people were driving down Airline and arguing from car to car. One passenger was hanging out of the window yelling at the other driver while pointing his finger very angrily. I asked the tire repair guy what was going on. He immediately blamed the flea markets just down the road. I still don’t get how the flea market can affect how adults behave on a Sunday afternoon. Anyway, when I left the tire repair shop there was like bumper to bumper traffic in front of those flea markets along Airline. I have never seen so many people out and about without a major concert. I almost hit a couple of them who just walked in front of my moving car to get from one side of the flea market to the other.