08/15/14 4:00pm



Was it the prevailing breeze, which comes from the southeast, that dictated the balcony placement in the 1982 garage apartment of a 1940 Garden Villas home (top) on nearly an acre of land bordering Sims Bayou? Instead of maximizing private views of the water and cleared watershed to its north (above), the higher-rise building (at far left in the top photo) peeks over the main home and toward the street, which is located west of Telephone Rd. 


Close Encounters
09/23/13 4:00pm

Last week, the city and the Army Corps of Engineers agreed to build almost 14 new miles of hike and bike trail — from I-45 to west of 288 — along Sims Bayou. The project, construction for which could begin as early as November, will cost about $7 million, and it will connect 7 city parks: Reveille Park, Stuart Park, Law Park, Sims Bayou Park, the County’s Hill at Sims Park, Scottcrest Park, and Townwood Park.

The first stretch to be built will be a 10-ft.-wide 3.1-mile span from I-45 to Stuart Park on Bellfort, just a few miles from Hobby Airport. Also included in the trail construction? The usual swag: Picnic tables and pavilions, benches, drinking fountains, lighting, and parking lots.

Photo of Sims Bayou: Allyn West