Texadelphia’s Triumphant Return to the Westheimer Strip

TEXADELPHIA’S TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO THE WESTHEIMER STRIP A little more than 2 years after retreating from its last Houston outpost — and later, having to see its former Westheimer location festooned with a giant Beaver statueTex-Mex cheesesteak chain Texadelphia is ready to return. Houston’s very first-in-a-while Texadelphia franchise is scheduled to open by late next month in the endcap of the Westside Plaza strip center at 8383 Westheimer Rd., on the corner of Dunvale, where it will replace the recently shuttered Potbelly sandwich shop pictured above. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Photo: The Square Foot

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  • Thank all that’s holy! I haven’t had a decent cheesesteak since Texadelphia closed. This is not only a grand re-opening, it’s a celebration. Close the streets, pour some drinks, and dance the night away. Welcome back!

  • Happy to see them back in the market, but I do not like the location. That corner is a little too ratchet for me. They should have taken the old Mama’s Cafe space in front of the aforementioned Beaver-festooned former Texadelphia.

  • @Monica, Papa Geno’s and Jake’s Philly Steaks blow Texadelphia out of the water, try them…..

  • Restaurant space in our fine city is not easy to come by, and we did our research. Despite it sitting empty for years now, Mama’s site is not really on the market. Fadi’s next door to us has been successful there for 20 years, and In & Out just acquired space in the next parking over from ours. The Galleria is moving west on us, if you are a Texadelphia fan, please give us a shot. We won’t disappoint.

  • Thank you for your support Monica! We look forward to seeing you!

  • Good luck Branch. I’ll definitely give you guys a shot. Loved Texadelphia, didn’t like their operators at the end.

  • Super excited. I’ve been working in the Austin Arboretum area and the Texadelphia over there is nice, but just not on their game. Glad to have one a little closer to home (ratchet or not).

    Now make sure the employees know they have to put a couple jalapenos in the queso as they fill the bowl!

  • Welcome Back Texadelphia! I just hope there is enough parking!

  • I cannot wait!!!!!!! Loved when y’all were in rice village. It was the saddest day ever when you left. Yum. Welcome back!!!! Simply the best.

  • Parking should be fine. There is parking in front and back. We are also creating a few parallel parking places along the side.

  • the location isn’t the best but it’s a good area for sure I’m sure the owner got a good deal on rent factor (which is important) on keeping cost down and the fact this will be Houston’ first In and Out Burger spot will help bring the lunch crowd. Hopefully this new owner will understand how important online advertising is and not to rely too much on corp advertising. If they can get and keep the public interested in Instagram and FB updates that are not stale corp pages plus keep watch on their yelp page and if everyone single customer leaves happy w good food and always ask for people’s feedback to learn what to change or keep they will be successful. There are a few locations they could grow afterwards and hopefully this new franchisee was able to secure a Houston-area development deal whereas they can open more stores themselves or sub-franchise out the others. Texadelphia has great food which is the number one thing and with today’s online presence location really doesn’t matter anymore as much as it used in order to ‘remind the customer’ as much as online engagement is. I wish them well and lots of success. Heck even a branded-wrapped mobile truck that makes calls or sets up temp stops to help advertise the place or even branded-wrapped mobile trucks for “Texadelphia Express” with limited menus set-ups in heavy lunch areas like downtown or near game day stadiums.

  • Thanks T. Lewis. We appreciate the thoughtful comments! We will be doing our own local marketing and what works for us, and we will control our own Facebook page and other social media. We have talked about the wrapped vehicle and even a food truck. We are personally involved in our operations, and we will not rely solely on corporate marketing, etc. We want to host school nights, little league nights, etc., and we hope our die hard Tex fans are pleased and that we gain future die hards. We are very passionate about our brand! Best regards, and please give us a shot.