The Back Story on Tony Mandola’s Opening Last Night

In the new but apparently burgeoning tradition of Swamplot opening-day (and opening-night) photos of Waugh Dr. parking lots comes this reader photo of the car-filled scene behind the new Tony Mandola’s Gulf Coast Kitchen at 1212 Waugh, taken from Rosine St. last night around 7 pm. Sure, residents of the Piedmont condos along Rosine now can walk to the new Whole Foods Market. But the condos “have no guest parking other than on the street. Now we will have NO guest parking at all,” reports the reader. “People are steamed.” Next on the local agenda: trying to swing permit-only parking signs for Rosine.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Gus, your topic juxtaposition is art.

  • I drove by yesterday evening and saw the traffic pulling into the restaurant. Because of how shallow the car port area is, traffic will start to stack up on the right hand lane of Waugh. Love Tony Mandolas but there could be some parking and traffic issues at this location.

  • To all the crowd that always whines: “I want density, I want parks not parking lots, I want more places in Walkable distance to me!” … this is what happens, life goes on without you as usual. Can’t complain for AND against the same issue!

  • Why do I have the feeling that there are commercial sized dumpsters right out of frame? I love the smell of shrimp peels in the morning…

  • Houston, we have a problem.

  • that’s life in the big city folks. Always something to whine about.

  • I guess if you plan on having a lot of visitors, you probably shouldn’t move into a building with no guest parking.

  • Like speculating over the future of the Astrodome, blaming the victim is one of Houston’s favorite hobbies.

  • “No guest parking other than on the street”? How could this be? The city has parking regulations, Chapter 26, that require specific quantities to accommodate both residents and guests at multi-family buildings. Perhaps the local community needs to form a Parking Management Area. Several business folk in Montrose have been discussing that for years.

  • How about opening your eyes and taking a look around before buying your next home. Waugh is a major commercial thoroughfare. It’s been in various stages of redevelopment for many years. Anyone who bought a condo on Rosine should have known damn well that commercial development across the street from their building was highly probable. And whether the buyers knew it or not, such a possibility was factored into the market value of their condos when they bought them.

  • Tony Mandola’s is officially off-limits to Magic- much too dangerous for roller skates.

  • Girl please. You know they don’t want street parking for their visitors. They want street parking because either their cars are too big for their garages or their garages are too full of junk to use.

  • How can you be steamed when you buy a condo in an urban area and lose your guest parking (aka the street) because the neighborhood gets busier?

  • Oh, and wait until Tony Mandola adds his 2nd floor banquet space and third floor ballroom that block the condo resident’s views of downtown…

  • I’m sure potential buyers hear all about the new development in the area and Regent Square as they walk past the little sandwich sign in front of the curb stating, “Visitor Parking Only”. Stop whining!

  • Houston will never be an international city until we stop crying about things like this.

    Try parking your car in a TRUE world city (not a pretender like you see in Texas) and see how hard and expensive it can be.