The Finest Flooded Cars in the AMLI 2121 Parking Garage

Flooding at AMLI 2121 Apartments, 2121 Allen Pkwy., North Montrose, Houston

Flooding at AMLI 2121 Apartments, 2121 Allen Pkwy., North Montrose, HoustonA resident of the bayou-side North Montrose apartments at 2121 Allen Pkwy. now known as AMLI 2121 (and formerly as the Bel Air; see the pictured monument sign) has cataloged a few of the nicer cars that were likely totaled yesterday as they took on water in the lower level of the garage of the complex. Included: a Lexus IS250, a Nissan 370z, and an Audi A4.

The pop-up lake that appeared on Allen Parkway and the adjacent Buffalo Bayou Park has already subsided considerably, though underpasses are still filled with water. Liquid levels lowered in the garage too, which sits underneath the apartment structure, just east of Montrose Blvd.


Flooding at AMLI 2121 Apartments, 2121 Allen Pkwy., North Montrose, Houston

Photos: Kevin Francke

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  • I used to live here back when it was the Bel Air. They took SOOOOOO much pride in their flood gates so what happened in Alison wouldn’t happen again.


  • Well that would suck. I have little sympathy for people who try to drive thru high water but this is different.

  • I hope none of the cars parked there were really Transformers. That would be really confusing. Is it Home owners insurance, flood insurance, health insurance, life insurance, or car insurance that covers this?
    Hello, this is bumblebee, yes, I’d like to report a claim…

  • This happened to me once. I lost two brand new Porsches to a garage flood. No big deal, insurance paid out and I bought another two.

  • We had that problem at our complex in Midtown. Doesn’t help that the area around it has been developed and all grades right towards our apt complex. We put pumps in the garage which helped, but they were not enough. We upgraded them last year and so for this storm we were okay. Still got a lot of water but last year cars were like boats :(

  • As a former user of the underground parking at 3210 Louisiana, I think twice before leaving my car in such places when a storm’s a-brewin’.

  • I live on the third floor of a building and the first floor garage is always a gamble when it rains. I make it a point to always live on a higher floor and park my vehicle on the second level or higher. I know Houston; I know its unpredictable floods.

  • Underground parking garages are a terrible idea for Houston, but they still seem to build them. I’ll never forget the images of the downtown civic center parking garage after Allison. A woman died when she took the elevator down and drowned when the doors opened to raging floodwaters. A friend of mine who used to live in Franklin Lofts downtown lost his car to flooding, and he moved to a place with above-ground parking. If you live in Houston long enough, you’ll learn never to park underground if a bad rain is coming.

  • Whoever parks on the lower levels of ANY garage in Houston is a moronic dumb ass.Maybe they NEED to lose a car or two to flooding-which is totally preventable- to learn a lesson the hard way. And their insurance rates DO go up…

  • Helicopters are the new necessity

  • I lived there when it was the Bel Air. It’s the “home of the $35k a year millionaire” and everybody had a leased BMW.

  • I need to be friends with all you amazing weather forecasters commenting here! I didn’t realize that a giant flood-causing storm was headed our way Monday night, but I’m glad you guys did and had the good sense, unlike the moronic dumbasses referenced here, to move your cars and otherwise prepare for the coming floods. Maybe I should be more cautious too. You’re probably right to assume – every day of the year – that a 100-year flood will hit today. I should plan where I rent and where I park and where I work and where I drive based on that assumption. I wish I knew it all too. Nice work, super geniuses!

  • When I lost my two Porsches to flooding in a garage my rates did not increase. That was a $150k plus payout from the insurance company.

  • I think it is true that “where you have an option” most people who have been around here for any amount of time avoid parking in below ground garages. It is just a good habit….

  • @HINDSIGHT – Your probably one of many that think ” I live in a safe neighborhood ” so why should l lock my house/car door ? So it’s people like you that I would prey on for freebies like I-phones, laptops, gps devices. There is no need to break a window because you would just allow yourself to be taken advantage of. ..(bend over because here I come).

    Good luck continuing to live with you guard down in Houston; you obviously are not from this area of town.

    Also for the other dumb asses who will continue to live in a soup bowl or near this area along the Bayou. Paying high prices on rent/mortgage/leasing their trendy studio/house/apartments in this area of town thinking it’s a 100 year flood are out of your mind. They can’t even get the forecast for the weekend
    together much less 100 years from now.

    Free advice: Allen parkway always goes under water. Anywhere directly outside of downtown area (Washington – Houston Ave – Shepard – Durham – Anywhere around White Oak Bayou and surrounding areas ) because Downtown Houston was constructed on a sand done/large hill years back and will continue to flood out the surrounding area. So Good Luck!

  • HA!! Swamplot can’t handle the truth ….censorship is this counties worst enemy.
    Downtown lofts, studios, houses apartments are over priced for living in a area of town which does flood at any given moment; no need for 100 year flood detection, I call BS on that analogy.

    That’s whole area of town should provide free flood insurance to live there, it’s a soup bowl.

  • Yeah, but the really rich self-insure.

  • Any flooded Porches or Ferrari out there? I need a new race car and a flooded car is a great platform for a build. you rip out the interior and electronic gizmos anyway….