The Great Houston Heights Fast Food Slowdown

“I have to say, I have always had luck with Asian food in some sort of repurposed fast food building,” declares The Heights Life blogger Viula. Surely everyone hopes her good fortune continues: A Heights Asian Cafe (or, as the banner puts it, Height Asian Cafe) will soon lay claim to the booty that is the vacant Long John Silvers building on Yale at 22nd St.

Likewise, Jenni’s Noodle House expects to open its 3rd location in the former Mrs. Baird’s Bread outlet at 602 E. 20th (at the corner of Oxford St.) in less than 8 weeks.

Ah, but there’s more than Asian food moving in. Viula has the rundown:


  • The Concept Formerly Known as Burgerzilla: Viula passes on the rumor that Lance Fegen and Shepard Ross, proprietors of The Glass Wall and the just-opened BRC Gastropub, have changed their idea for the former Stop-N-Go at the southeast corner of Studewood and 11th St. No high-end burgers and comfort food, catty-corner from Someburger? The vacant building (above), most recently occupied by the Texas Tamales Factory, isn’t seeing any action yet. Update: How about we call the new concept Liberty Kitchen?
  • Macaroni and Cheese . . . Profits! — When Jus’ Mac opens in July in the former former home of the Yale St. Coffee House at 2617 Yale, you’ll be able to order up to 20 different varieties of macaroni and cheese here — though, naturally, some of them will only be available in season.

  • The 19th St. Coffee and Tea Faceoff: Katy Whelan’s Love Street Coffee Shop is scheduled to open late this summer in the storefront most recently occupied by Balinskas Architectural Imports, at 242 W. 19th St. A new sign out across and down the street announces Serendipi Tea, a cafe and tea bar, next to sewing lounge Sew Crafty.

Hear of any more newcomers? Tell us . . . quick!

Photos: The Heights Life (Heights Asia Cafe and Texas Tamales Factory); Heights Blog (Balinskas)

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  • Hey! Don’t forget all the culinary treasures that’ll be available at that new Walgreen’s across the street from the Walgreen’s which will be across the street from the CVS!

  • I hear some douche lawyers have been giving Katy grief over the name as it overlaps with some other entirely different entity with a slightly similar name. Instead of fighting the fight (she would win, but at what financial cost) stay tuned for a name change. Heights-Ashbury is the latest idea to keep with the 60s idea that Love Street had.

  • Katharine Shilcutt at the Press posted this afternoon that the new Ross/Feagan project on 11th will be called “Liberty Kitchen” but she didn’t report on what the menu would look like. Based on their other ventures, I’m going with comfortable New American as my guess.

  • Thanks for this update Gus. I am glad to continue to see new things in the heights.

  • This repurposing of fast food chain buildings reminds me of a similar phenomenon in Atlanta. This website documents some of those transformations.

  • I like the name Heights-Ashbury better.

  • “Height’s Asian Cafe,” delightfully superfluous apostrophe and all, looks like it’s getting close to opening. Anyone have any info?

    Could this extra competition be the nail in the coffin of the Happy All Cafe?