The Greatest Concentration of New Houston Apartments Is in and Around Montrose

THE GREATEST CONCENTRATION OF NEW HOUSTON APARTMENTS IS IN AND AROUND MONTROSE Rendering of Proposed Encore CC&G Apartments, 1341 Castle Ct., Montrose, HoustonThe Susanne, the Lofts at Mid Main, 3400 Montrose, Camden McGowen Station, The Carter, Broadstone Skyline, The Southmore, Alexan Midtown, Encore CC&G (pictured here), the Axis, and the DLC at Midtown. That’s Catie Dixon’s list of 11 multifamily complexes with more than 200 units each now going up (or about to). Together, they add up to 3,195 new apartments — but a bunch of smaller buildings brings the total number of new apartments now scheduled to debut this year and next in Montrose, Midtown, and the Museum District to just under 4,400, she calculates: “That’s almost one-third of multifamily development underway in Harris County, PMRG director of research Ariel Guerrero tells us.” [Real Estate Bisnow] Rendering of Encore CC&G apartments: Encore Enterprises

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  • anyone able to quickly confirm what would be expected average rents for a 1bd and 2bd in these complexes or what the going rates are in other newer “luxury” complexes? know we have a lot of young engineers in town now, but that’s a lot of capacity to fill when people are already being priced out of the montrose area.

  • Has it been confirmed that JLB Partners plan on rebuilding the Axis?

  • Midtown is quickly becoming a modern urban neighborhood on par with any in the country.

  • You want lower apartment prices in Montrose? This is how you get lower apartment prices in Montrose.

  • The Susanne I think was supposed to be renting for something like 2k for a 1BR. Can’t imagine they will be able to sustain rental prices that high.

  • And they are all on the roads, and none of them can figure out how to use the middle lane on W. Alabama at any hour.

  • Yes lots of new units is how you get lower rents, but don’t forget that these bldgs don’t have to be fully occupied to make a profit. That’s the beauty part

  • The Susanne’s cheapest 1BR at 710 SF is $1,575.

  • Now that there is more housing, density and upwardly mobile spending in Montrose, investors will see an opportunity to create more walkable retail in this already walkable part of town especially along Richmond and Alabama. Who knows, there might even be bike lanes one day that go all the way downtown. Seriously, nobody likes the confusing center lane on Alabama. Can someone turn it off and put a grassy median in its place with a center bike lane?

  • @GoogleMaster – Amen, brutha. You have to have a suicide wish to use that lane when it is in reverse mode. I try occasionally, honk and make angry gestures, then truculently go back to the dedicated lane for fear of losing my life.

  • Unfortunately we desperate need that center lane in order to avoid the potholes and bumps that could seriously damage someones car. I know I use both lanes to drive down it myself. Should’ve obviously been left as just a central turn lane after they completed the 59 construction, but I guess they still think they’re going to be able to put in the University line soon, i dunno.
    And yeah, even $1500 for a 1bd is crazy to me. You could build up some serious home equity throwing down money like that. Just makes me wonder who are all these big spenders not wanting to just buy a townhome rather than rent for a small fortune.

  • Thanks Jim, couldn’t remember the prices. 710 sf is barely a 1BR though, that’s borderline efficiency. I can’t imagine they will hold those numbers though, especially considering that they don’t have good freeway access there. I’m just glad I got out of there before that place fills up. I can only imagine the horror show it will bring to Alabama during rush hour.

  • Sweet! Soon, we’ll be as beautiful as Greenspoint!

  • I remember laughing when the city said that the middle turn lane would be ‘temporary’ while W Alabama served as the alternative for Richmond during the Spur 527 construction. I was fairly certain the city would fail to follow through and return W Alabama to the, believe it or not, four lanes that were in place pre-improvement. Of course the pot hole pocked curb side lane was jarring, but at least travel was safer with full-time directional designated lanes in place. I also highly doubted that the toll roads would be ‘returned to the people’ upon construction debt repayment. Does all my skepticism paint me as a cynic or as a native Houstonian?