The New Trucking Company Craft Brewery Opening This Fall in the Northside

Lightning Logistics and SpindleTap Brewery, 10622 Hirsch Rd., Northside, Houston

Beer and trucking: 2 great Texas pastimes will unite under one roof this September, once the brand new SpindleTap Brewery opens up its brewing operation and tavern inside the brand-new tilt-up warehouse at 10622 Hirsch Rd. built for trucking company Lightning Logistics (pictured here under construction in a photo from February). SpindleTap’s facility is taking up 10,000 of the building’s 70,000 sq. ft., reports the Houston Business Journal‘s Joe Martin. (It’ll also include an outdoor patio space and possibly a dog run.) Much of the remainder of the building, which is located just south of Little York, a superblock east of I-69, will serve as headquarters for Lightning Logistics’s 250-truck fleet.


The trucking company, which primarily serves the oil and gas industry, will provide more than just a customer base for the brewery, however: It’ll also serve as a built-in distribution operation for SpindleTap’s initial line of 4 oil-themed brews: Toolpusher Pale Ale, Boomtown Blonde, HopperHouse Double Indian Pale Ale, and Honeyhole English Style Bitter. The brewery’s founders are Lightning Logistics’ CEO and CFO.

Photo: SpindleTap Brewery


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  • Who the hell thought this was a great idea?? A brewery and tavern operating inside the headquarters and warehouse of a trucking company…

  • Who thought this was a good idea? The article says the owners of the trucking company will be running the brewery.

    Looks like they had the space & found a novel use for it.