The Next Stretch of Brays Bayou Hike and Bike

Across town from the molten-zinc-dipped pedestrian bridges and Bud Light Amphitheaters going up along Buffalo Bayou, site prep is underway to build a new section of hike and bike trail along Brays Bayou in Mason Park. Paid for by the same federal scratch that will fund a yet-to-be-designed pedestrian bridge spanning the bayou on the south side of 75th St. (or behind that bridge in the photo), this section will connect 75th to Forest Hill Blvd., where the trail picks up and splits, running west to Lawndale and east to Capitol near the Magnolia Transit Center.


Photos: Allyn West

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  • Sweet – keep these trails coming!

  • Thanks for the info on Brays Bayou. I’ve been wondering what improvements are coming for it (esp after last years vote), but emails to the city have only put me on various mailing lists that are generalized to the city and not specific to this bayou. Please continue to keep us updated on Brays Bayou.

  • Hopefully some money/time/effort can be used in trail maintenance. The sporadic flooding of Brays has developed a thick layer of dried mud along much of the path between Lawndale and Forrest Hill. Not so much an issue when it’s a drought, but after a rain certain parts become hard to pass on foot much less on bike. Good news nonetheless. Not much trail is left to be needed to ride ones bike from the ship channel out to the beginning of Brays on the southwest side.

  • Nice to see some action on this section of what could end up being the greatest, longest hike and bike trail in the city limits.

  • WOW!!! Four mostly positive comments about a bike trail on here. I feel the earth trembling.
    Count me in the camp that will be too happy once all these trails are done. No sarcasm, I would bring people from out of town to check out the bayou(s) these days. Took some friends this past weekend as a matter of fact and they were quite surprised.

  • Noticed this a couple weeks ago. We live just down the street, it will be nice to have the connection.

  • Are they ever going to finish off the discontiguous pieces of paved trails in both directions around Almeda Road? Or is it on purpose to discourage people from the other side of 288 from coming across?

  • I invite all friends of cycling to join BikeHouston with your talents, advocacy, sweat equity, and dollars to speed up the incredibly slow process of making Houston a “bike friendly” city. Mayor Parker is taking bold steps. Join us Aug 29, 6:15 pm at Market Square for a “bike rally” to support the Mayor’s efforts.