The Sovereign Apartment Highrise Beginning To Stand On Its Own

A reader sends this photo of the construction progress of that Regent Square-ish residential tower the Sovereign. The 21-story, 290-unit building designed by Ziegler Cooper is going up on West Dallas between Rosine and Rochow, where some of the old Allen House Apartments used to stand.

The North Montrose site is just around the corner from Dunlavy, where other dirt is being pushed around to make way for Regent Square. The Sovereign, contrary to its name, was originally planned by Boston developer GID to become one of the uses in that mixed-use spread, but the 2 projects are listed separately on the company website. After the jump, you can see the renderings of the Sovereign that Swamplot published last summer.


Images: GID Development (renderings); Swamplot inbox (construction photo)

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  • Glad they finally got this off the ground. Whether you like it or not, it’s nice not to have that much prime land sitting empty.

  • They should have used the giant empty lots west of Dunlavy, either one would make far more sense that cramming that into a lot the size of 2 normal sized homes. Poor Tealas their deck will now be shrouded in perpetual shade as that towering monstrosity will easily block out most of the sun..

  • more of these are coming for the lots West of Dunlavy

  • Poor Tealas? Really? You think that Tealas…the Tealas that is due north of this tower…will be shrouded in perpetual shade? You feel sorry for a restaurant that has 290 apartment units going up across the street from it? I am willing to bet that you haven’t discussed your concerns with the waitstaff, managers, and owners of Tealas.

  • “Towering monstrosity” It’s a 21-story residential tower but you act like it is going to be 1,000+ ft tall. It won’t make that big of an impact but even so, what is wrong with a little shade in the hot sun?

  • It’s ugly no matter its height –the style is dated and it looks cheap–it will afford an envious view of Downtown, best of all the view won’t include this hideous building —

  • if you think this looks bad then you guys need to get out more, a lot more

  • @ cm: I would like to know how this perpetual shade that you’re speaking of works. I ask because I too would like to be able to modify the paths and rotations of celestial objects in order to suit my fancy. This developer has obviously figured out how and you’re on to him. So…spill the beans, please.

  • A beautiful addition to the Montrose area…watch the older high rises start losing tenants

  • @Joel–I just got back from two weeks in New York City, but what can you learn in that backwater about Architecture, I mean, right?

  • It is a cheap-looking monstrosity; and,

    “it’s nice not to have that much prime land sitting empty.”

    You’re kidding right? You’ve got to be; and, really, of all the things to build on it, another monstrous apartment complex.