Highrise Replacing Allen House Remnant? The Latest Rumblings Around Regent Square

Here’s a late addition to the demolition of the Allen House Apartments, the first portions of which went down in 2007, in anticipation of the giant Regent Square mixed-use development in North Montrose that never happened — or rather, hasn’t yet. The smashing of one Allen House’s 2 remaining buildings is now taking place across West Dallas from Teala’s Mexican Restaurant, just beyond the back windows of the Piedmont at River Oaks condos on Rosine St. A Swamplot reader sent us the above photo last Friday. Does this mean the long-dormant Regent Square is at long last ready to stir?

The North Montrose Civic Association announced in a recent newsletter that a “big announcement” about Regent Square is due in May: “Rumors are that a high rise residential [tower is] being planned as [the] first building.” Separately, Regent Square developer GID Development has promised additional details in May or June about this 21-story highrise apartment building, called the Sovereign, which happens to feature a large number of dog-friendly amenities, including canine wash/dry facilities, a pet grooming room, and a private doggie park:


Presumably, that announcement would include The Sovereign’s as-yet-unidentified location. A few commenters on HAIF, however, claim to have figured it out already: on West Dallas between Rosine and Rochow. That’s the same spot across from Teala’s where the Allen House Apartments are being torn down now.

Photo: Swamplot inbox; Renderings: GID Development

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  • Hopefully this high rise will actually be built as well as regent square . . . If not the developer needs to sell the property to a developer that will actually develop it.

  • All of the drawings for this complex are completed and ready for permitting. It was low pre-leasing numbers that killed it, as they couldn’t get commitments from retailers to fill the spaces. Now that housing is turning around, all they need to do is pull the trigger, starting w/the residential towers. Retail will follow.

    Hoping it happens – a lot of my ex-coworkers were laid off when this job fell through. It would be nice to see the fruits of our labor!

  • This would look beautiful on Bissonnet at Ashby.

  • Which set of Allen House is coming down? As of Saturday it was still there, both that west of Tealas, and the smaller building further back from W. Dallas. I find this article slightly confusing. Good reason to go for a bike ride this evening though.

  • As a Montrose resident for over 20 years, this just really makes me sad.

    These developers are ruiing the Montrose area. Montrose is eventually lose its character and just be an extension of downtown. I am all for progress, but this is just plain sad!!

  • Eh those flat roof apartments and that building in particular was in disrepair. It’s progress, but you’re right Carol.

  • @Carol Montrose has already lost it’s character.

  • No sense mourning the death of Montrose now. The yuppification and defunkification of Montrose has been well underway quite some time, but we’re only 20 years into a 50 year redevelopment cycle. The core of Houston is being erased like a blackboard and rebuilt from the ground up. There is plenty I already miss, but overall, I like where we’re going.

    Billions and billions of dollars private investment is being funneled into this redevelopment process. The politicians and city planners of world LOVE to point at, laugh at and scorn Houston’s free wheeling development landscape, but what’s going on in Houston is a city planners wet dream, except of course we’ve done it without the help of all those “experts”, which may it fact make it their nightmare.

    Keep on building, Houston!!! In another 20 years we’ll have a core that’s even more densely developed, more populated, more dynamic and more affluent than the greatness we have right now.

    We all have a front row seat for the show. Enjoy.

  • These developers are ruiing the Montrose area. Montrose is eventually lose its character and just be an extension of downtown.

    How dare anything ever change! Let’s make a stand for each ugly 60s apartment building in this city!

  • The Heights had the right idea, keep the integrity of the area by building new construction w/ the neighborhood in mind.

    With the economy the way it is, I wonder who is going to be able to afford all of the “high” rise and “high” priced apartments. Hate to see 20 years down the road, 20 story crack houses!!

  • I have lived on this side of the Allen House (which is across from Teala’s/Bulls Eye Storage) for a few years. As far as we have been told by management, only the front 12 units will be demolished right now, and the new building will be in front, taking over the places where the resident and visitor parking are now located. My neighbors have mentioned that they were able to renew their lease for another 6-12 months with no problem or concern about the construction affecting the remaining units.

  • @Corey, if by “that building in particular” you mean the apartments in the photo above, they are actually in really excellent condition. The grounds and pool area are always pristine, the building is secure and well insulated/maintained (I can barely hear my neighbors and my energy bills are really reasonable), and the interiors are well-kept and even being upgraded as residents move out. Sure, we are probably not getting stone counters or stainless steel anytime soon, but we’re renters anyway.

  • Tear ’em down. Carol: the redevelopment is happening. The “defunkification” as you cal it IS needed in some parts of Montrose. The idyllic mindset of bungalows is over.

  • Although after viewing the masterplan for Regent Square(@ the GID site) I’d prefer the vacant lots. More unwanted “high density” crap!!!

  • I live in this building too. It’s not being demolished entirely, only the front apartments. We just renewed our lease for another year with no issues. In addition to the high-rise to be built in what is currently our parking lot, a few townhomes are under construction behind us at the corner of Rochow and W. Clay, so our building will be kind of blocked in. It was bound to happen eventually, and we’re just glad we don’t have to move. It’s a really nice place to live, so what it it’s 50+ years old? It’s well-kept, rent is reasonable, and the apartments are spacious, and the neighbors are quiet!

  • I stopped and asked the construction crew about the development on West Dallas between Rosine and Rochow. They said, it’s going to be a six to eight story apartment building with the first two floor parking.

  • In the early 70s a good friend blew his brains out in his Allen House apartment bathroom. We never found out why.

    I still think of him every time I drive that area.