This Brand-New Red Jaguar Convertible Drove into Wet Concrete on the Southwest Fwy. Feeder at Buffalo Speedway Last Friday

Jaguar Stuck in Concrete at Buffalo Speedway and Southwest Fwy., Greenway Plaza, Houston

This photo of a Jaguar F-Type V8 S stuck in a patch of freshly-poured concrete started making the rounds of internet auto-fan sites last Friday afternoon. The earliest online reference appears to be this tweet from SpeedSportLife before noon — but the Houston car publication was apparently just passing on a photo it had no more information about. In several forum appearances readers immediately speculated that the scene had likely taken place in Houston, and on the Houston Reddit board a poster tersely declared that the site was the intersection of Weslayan and 59. But a couple of other commenters help peg the incident location a couple of overpasses to the east:


“I drove past a spot that looks just like this at US 59/I-69 (the Southwest Freeway) at Buffalo Speedway (not as cool as it sounds) last night,” a Jalopnik commenter named Jason wrote late Saturday night. “There is a big section of cement concrete missing and that curled up re-bar looking stuff is still there.” And another Reddit commenter claims to have seen the scene Friday morning at Buffalo Speedway and Hwy. 59 as well. Another Reddit comment giving more details about the abortive construction-site drive-thru by someone involved in the construction has been deleted.

Jaguar Stuck in Concrete at Buffalo Speedway and Southwest Fwy., Greenway Plaza, Houston

If the workers shown in the photo don’t seem to be paying much attention to the maroon-ish marooned vehicle, maybe it’s because tearing up and rebuilding the 59 feeder road has been a long, long job, and drivers of fine cars plowing into fresh pourings of roadway isn’t exactly a new thing around these parts.

Stuck in Traffic

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  • It just had to be a Jaguar owner didn’t it?

  • The real travesty is that that car costs around $100k but looks about $20k.

  • I hate when that happens.

  • No biggie. Every Jag owner keeps an extra one for times like this and when it is in the shop.

  • what is it with Houston drivers and wet surfaces? I would guess one of three causes: drunk, high or idiot, probably all the above. Gotta love the west side.

  • Trust a jag owner to discover a new way to get it into the shop.

  • One word- DOOFUS!!!

  • This does not surprise at all. The road construction practices here are as piss poor as the results. While I’m sure there was plenty of eveidence that raod construction was underway on the road, the clues on how to navigate it were as clear as the muck this poor driver went into. Shortly, confusing as hell.

  • Toonces, look out!!

  • Wouldn’t the fact that there was no other cars in front of him give him a clue? Wouldn’t the men in loud vests and hard hats give him a clue? More likely he was on the phone and did not have complete attention on the road. Hard to feel sorry for this kind of stuff.

  • A few years ago, the entire intersection of the streets in front of my home was replaced. The road crew had just poured fresh concrete and put up barricades to warn people not to drive across the intersection. They then left to work on another street a few blocks away. A woman drove up and was trying to franticly work her way around the barricades in order to drive across the intersection — she was in a very big hurry to cross the intersection and be on her way. I yelled at her to STOP and warned her about the freshly-poured concrete and she gave me an angry look and then glared at the intersection, trying to see if she could somehow figure out a way to maneuver around the wet concrete. I warned he again that she did NOT want to drive across. She then reluctantly backed-up and turned around.

    I was so tempted to just let her drive into the wet concrete, but I didn’t want to add another possible week to the road construction mess. I wanted the construction over and done with and I didn’t want this idiot ruining the road crew’s hard work.

  • I just can’t wait for the never-ending construction on the 59 frontage roads between 610 and Shepherd to finally end.

  • Probably texting to confirm the next massage appointment.

  • New Jaguars: inspired by the Taurus.

  • Another dumb ass Houston driver. They’re everywhere !!!!