Here’s the Spot on S. Rice and Westpark Where Micro Center Will Be Moving

Future Site of Micro Center, 5205 S. Rice Ave., Uptown Crossing, Houston

The 3.5-acre field at the corner of S. Rice Ave. and Westpark shown here, where the Wald Relocation Services complex stood until 6 years ago, will be the site of the new Micro Center store later this year. The site plan for the Uptown Crossing shopping center intended for this location shows a big-box store set way back in the right distance, at the end of a new curvy street-drive thing cut through to it from S. Rice, across from Sam’s Club. That’s the most likely spot for the 32,000-sq.-ft. building Micro Center is planning. Micro Center sold off its larger 47,759-sq.-ft. West Loop location to Amegy Bank earlier this year. Here’s a rendering of the new, terrifically brown-and-boxy big box Micro Center:


Proposed New Micro Center, 5205 S. Rice Ave., Uptown Crossing, Houston

That’s a 90-ft.-tall tower sign poking out of the computer store’s backside, reports the Houston Chronicle‘s Nancy Sarnoff. It’ll wave to folks driving by on the Southwest Fwy. and the Westpark Tollway. Satterfield & Pontikes Construction aims to complete the new store at 5205 S. Rice Ave. from this design by Powers Brown Architecture, in less than 6 months. Here’s the sprawl-worthy site plan of Uptown Crossing:

Site Plan of Uptown Crossing Shopping Center, 5205 S. Rice Ave. at Westpark, Houston

Future Site of Micro Center, 5205 S. Rice Ave., Uptown Crossing, Houston

Photos: Swamplot inbox. Rendering: Powers Brown Architecture. Site plan: Capital Retail Properties (PDF)

Big Computer Box in Field

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  • So I assume a “transit center” for the Uptown BRT will be included in this development? Renderings on Uptown BRT show this site to have an urban design. Either way its good they didn’t take the money and close up shop, they actually reinvested in themselves. hmmm evolutionary. peace

  • I wish parking lots had more greenery. They always skimp on the trees and don’t seem to realize that our cars and us could use the shade.

  • Uptown Crossing vs Gulfton. A battle worth watching.

  • Wow that whole project looks Craptacular!! Great job developers keep the tacky projects coming!!

  • Land values fall quicky upon going outside the loop, don’t they?

  • Trees in a parking lot provide for your car both wonderful shade, and dreadful bird poop.

  • Glass must be at a premium these days. What was Micro Center’s intent, to make the interior of the store resemble a finished out basement ? Not all computer users are shut-ins. Let some light in !

  • That’s EXACTLY where I thought it would move, but I didn’t think it would anchor an entire shopping center. Not sure (the current state of) S. Rice can handle traffic for several new stores vs. just the one.

  • Walmart…

  • Seems quite a step down from the plans for a transit-friendly mixed-use complex we were teased with before the recession. Didn’t the people behind this get some concessions from the City of Bellaire in return for incorporating some positives for the homeowners nearby? What happened to that?