The Colquitt St. Apartments Across from Takara-So Go Even Less Green

Tree Removal by Apartments at 1850 Colquitt St., Montlew Place, Houston, 77098

A post-departure portrait of greenery along the Hazard St. side of the apartments at 1850 Colquitt St. comes with questions from a reader: what’s planned for the 16-unit complex across from the directionally-rebranded Takara-So complex? The shot above shows the leftover bits of 3 trees cut down at the site at the end of February; the 1948 complex changed hands most recently late last fall. Earlier last year, the building was a good deal greener all around — here’s a shot from its listing days from the corner of Colquitt and Hazard, showing the complex covered in ivy:


Apartments at 1850 Colquitt St., Montlew Place, Houston, 77098

Photos: Swamplot inbox (tree removals), LoopNet (pre-defoliation)

Stumped on Hazard

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  • So – what’s up with that? Those are City trees…night loggers again? …just a darn shame. Montrose is being paved over.

  • Looking at the photo, those trees are under a powerline in Centerpoint’s right of way. Would not surprise me if they were the ones who made the decision regarding the trees.

  • Several other trees around this area have been chopped down lately, too! What is going on? Infestations, clearing for demolition!?! This neighborhood is already greatly lacking in foliage; it’s a sad concrete jungle. Not to mention, these buildings are so ugly and run down. They have no character left, it’s time for them and their cardboard window panes to go!

  • It looks like the City of Houston can go after the property owner for the removal. A 1999 City ordinance requires residents to get a permit before cutting down trees on City rights of way. Typically the right of way is the area between the sidewalk and the street. This looks very similar to what Wendy’s did on Kirby last year.

  • Shady, I think you’d be right. Why would someone pay to cut the trees, but not remove the trunks at the same time?

  • Utility companies will rarely completely remove trees in their right of way… too expensive and unpopular… and not typically necessary.

    So, my guess is the owner(s). And, as with the trees cut down @ the Wendy’s on Kirby, that would be illegal.

  • The City of Houston cut them down, the property manager of the complex just confirmed with me. That’s a shame. They might have been dying.

  • It’s not listed on 311’s history online. Might deserve a follow up with the city to verify the removal.

  • I would not be surprised if property manager probably lied to you about the trees.

  • The city doesn’t use 311 to log their tree trimming. They came through my neighborhood last fall for trimming and removal; there are no 311 logs for it. They also won’t grind the stumps at the same time they cut — a different crew comes through later on for that.

  • I would not be surprised if a bunch of people on the internet made a bunch of presumptions.