A Preview of What’s Changing at Jefferson Davis High School Other Than Its Confederate Name

Jefferson Davis Site Plan 2014, Quitman at Tackaberry St., Northside, Houston, 77009

Cast in projector blue above: a snapshot of renderings for the remodel of Jefferson Davis High School, which is planning to expand. The Northside school, one of 8 in HISD changing names to drop references to Confederate figures, is getting some shiny new teaching facilities, including upgraded spaces for its culinary arts and management students (as shown in the projection above). The campus on Quitman St. is also staking out new parking lot territory across Tackaberry St.

Hungry for the details? HISD is hosting a community meeting on April 7th at the school to talk design plans. Until then, here’s a preview of the planned new exterior for the performing arts space:


Jefferson Davis Site Plan 2014, Quitman at Tackaberry St., Northside, Houston, 77009

Photos: RoB

Northside Remake

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  • Let’s give Texas back to Mexico too..I’m really starting to feel this political correctness.

  • Well, they need it, but it would be nice if they could keep at least some of the 1920s facade.

  • If the comedy skits where people cannot name the current vice president is any indication, the people who’s children who attend these schools likely do not even understand the relevance. However, because it is considered PC in today’s environment, society will waste time and money to make these changes.

  • @marmer They are going to keep the 1924/26 facade that faces Quitman. One of these is an addition to the culinary arts program, and the other is a rebuild of the Fine Arts Wing (1978). Both are on the north side of the school, facing Morris. They are not building anything on Fulton (where they demolished ~20 homes and businesses) except for a parking lot.

  • I guess this is why my property taxes keep going up, got to pay for the nonsense of renaming schools. I hope this stops the whining from the perpetual victims.

  • I think we can save everyone time and money if we just change it to Viola Davis High School from Jefferson Davis High School.
    No charge to HISD for my taxpayer-friendly idea but knowing them, they will hike my school taxes out of spite, ineptitude, or for construction contracts gone wild. Or, all three. Pleasing them is so tiring.

  • Will they be allowed to use and carry personal knives?

  • This re-naming has a whiff of the commies re-naming St. Petersburg and Volvograd. Probably with the same ultimately unforeseen results.

  • The PC do-gooders are never satisfied.

  • Barks- Volvograd would be in Sweden. Volgagrad works better.

  • I don’t get the issue about changing names. Jefferson Davis was an unrepentant leader of rebellion against the US, and an open supporter of enslaving people, and he was a loser. Is there anyone who accomplished less who is so celebrated?