Waves Now Undulating Above Hot Bagel Shop’s Future Nextdoor Home on S. Shepherd

Shepherd Commons, 2015 Shepherd Dr., River Oaks, Houston, 77019

Shepherd Commons, 2015 Shepherd Dr., River Oaks, Houston, 77019The first 2 waves of decorative railing are now stretching north off the edge of the new building at 2015 S. Shepherd Dr., the first half of the Shepherd Commons shopping center planned for the site. Per the renderings released back in 2013 , the 3rd and 4th waves should follow after the Hot Bagel Shop and River Oaks Nails jump ship from the original single-story strip center immediately to the north at 2009 S. Shepherd; after that, the old structure is slated for demolition to make way for part 2 of the new one.

Back in 2014, both businesses had plans to move into the space at 2015 S. Shepherd when it’s ready. (We Buy Gold, which wasn’t going to join in on the trip, has already been replaced in the old center by Cell Phone reStore).  Hot Bagel says it’s still planning to move in next door as soon as it can; a reader also spotted notice of an application submitted late last fall to sell food and drinks, including beer and wine, behind one of the site’s still-tape-dotted windows. The name on that application belongs to a corporate entity sharing an address with Fu Fu Restaurant in Dun Huang Plaza along Bellaire Blvd. at Beltway 8.

Visible in the background just south of the new building is kickboxing studio 9Round, followed by the Chipotle facing the corner of Shepherd with Indiana St. Here’s another look at what the center could look like after round 2 of construction gets knocked out:


Rendering of Proposed Shepherd Commons Strip Center, 2015 S. Shepherd Dr., Houston

Images: Swamplot inbox (photos), Dang La Architecture (rendering)


Bagels Rolling South

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  • I wish the only decent place in Houston for bagels wasn’t re-locating to this architectural disaster.

  • That old strip center was also the home of Real Records, Houston’s first ‘punk’ record store.

  • That’s pretty terrible looking.

    @AK-87 – Try New York Bagels on Hillcroft near South Braeswood. It’s a kosher bagel shop, and it is awesome.

  • I can’t.

  • What ever happened to Volare Pizzeria that was supposed to open next to the Hot Bagel shop? There were photos of them putting an oven in but never happened