What’s Left of the No-Longer-Live Oak in Front of Au Petit Paris on Colquitt St.

Stump in front of Au Petit Paris, 2048 Colquitt St,, Dearborn Place, Houston, 77098

The last fading rays of setting sun cast a dusty glow over the oak stump in front of 2048 Colquitt St. just east of Shepherd Dr., captured by a reader over the weekend. An employee of Au Petit Paris tells the photographer that the restaurant isn’t behind the removal of the tree, which shaded the French bistro’s front patio; the arboreal departure occurred during the still-ongoing move-in of 2 townhomes across the street at 2051 and 2053 Colquitt (the latter of which is visible above on the left, behind construction fencing). Construction on those structures started last summer after building permits were issued to 2201 Custom Homes in June.

Here’s a close-up of the stump, accompanied by a sprinkling of springtime sprouts:


Stump in front of Au Petit Paris, 2048 Colquitt St,, Dearborn Place, Houston, 77098

Just to the east of Au Petit Paris in another house-turned-business is Nails by Mary; to the west lies the Shepherd strip center containing Kumon Math and Reading Center, MW Cleaners, Shepherd Day Spa, and the Neptune Society crematorium.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

Bidding Adieu in Dearborn Place

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  • Whomever cut that tree down better have had a city permit, since it is on city property.

  • “The restaurant isn’t behind the removal of the tree”? Who is the property owner? Is the restaurant merely a lessee? Are we subtly suggesting involvement by the developers across the street? Oh, the unanswered questions!

  • For shame, Swamplot – you stir the pot and rouse the tree Nazis!

  • Looking at the stump I’d say that tree was going to come down on its own soon enough without the help of whoever decided to speed the process. Hopefully it’s replaced.

  • Nice going Houston.

  • Wouldn’t this possibly related to the mysterious departure of two trees (with stumps remaining) posted here a few weeks ago just down the block? The way they left the stump for another ‘crew’ to handle seems very similar to the other tree cutting.

  • Wait, Wait, I know!
    It was diseased.
    It was a storm hazard.
    It will be replaced by 3 NEW OAK TREES!