Where Lovett Commercial Is Really Developing That Restaurant in the First Ward

So it turns out that Lovett Commercial is planning to put a new restaurant with retail space on an old industrial site in the First Ward — just not the site we thought. Those 1950s metal warehouses a reader photographed in the midst of demolition were taken down, says a Lovett rep, for the space. And the rep says Lovett has no plans to speak of for that site. But that restaurant, rendered here, will be just across the street on the southeast corner of Sawyer and Edwards. There, says the rep, the long building that stands parallel to the street at 2313 Edwards and backs up against the railroad tracks will not be torn down but renovated into something like what you see here.

More renderings:


That’s the view of the development from the corner of Sawyer and Edwards, looking south toward Center St. and Washington Ave.

Below: A shaded view of the development looking west:

The rep says that the development could be up and running by “the middle of 2014.”

Renderings: Lovett Commercial

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