Where the Peacocks Muster near Hobby Airport

7374 Brace St., Garden Villas, Houston, 77061

Resident Joseph Virant sends in some ornithological notes on the roving bands of peacocks that wander the Garden Villas neighborhood, catty-corner northwest across Telephone Rd. and Airport Blvd. from Hobby Airport. A few of the birds make a cameo appearance in the active sales listing of 7374 Brace St. (shown above); Virant writes in with more detail on the origins and habits of the animals, which he says have regular routes and a seed-furnishing fanbase:

The story goes that they started as someone’s pets many years ago, were turned loose, and multiplied.  There are 2 groups: one in the eastern half of the neighborhood [near] Ashburn St., Brace St., and Garden Villas Park; and one in the western half (Brace St., Alpine Dr.).  Apparently a group of peacocks is called either an ‘ostentation‘ or a ‘muster‘.  A lot of neighbors have Peacock Crossing signs in their yards; people often stop their cars to snap photos as [the birds] amble across the street . . . My wife buys bird seed to attract them.

These aren’t the only pea fowl wandering free (or at least unattended) around town; they may, however, be the only ones whose home neighborhood is working actively to enshrine the birds’ status as local mascots, as Virant notes Garden Villas is hoping to do:


Our Garden Villas Community Association is planning new neighborhood signage in the median on Telephone Rd.  An artist who lives in the neighborhood is doing the design, and it will be a funky cast concrete creation incorporating a peacock motif.  We are just waiting on the Hobby Area Management District to build the platforms that they have promised for both us and Glenbrook Valley.

7374 Brace St., Garden Villas, Houston, 77061

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  • Afton Oaks has several yellow-crowned night herons that nest every winter. It is kind of weird to drive down the street at night and see a 2ft tall bird with a frog in its beak. Gotta watch out for them.

  • Lots of peacocks wondering around Houston, oddly enough. I know of some up by Lake Houston and believe there’s a muster over in the villages area.

  • The area in and around Westbury is full of the night herons. We usually get 4-6 nests in our yard. Fun to watch, but holy cow do they poop a lot. Crawfish, snake and frog remains everywhere.

  • Whatever happened to the Peacocks roaming around Vargo’s? I worked there for a couple of years and always wondered what they would taste like roasted in the oven…

  • Noisy, but delicious!