Where the Red Lantern Has Been Lowered and the Creole, Cuban, and Caribbean Is Going In

Door at 917 Franklin St., Downtown HoustonGoing into the spot at 917 Franklin St. downtown where the Red Lantern Vietnamese restaurant shut down last year: a new restaurant from Arena Theater chef Mark Latigue, featuring “Creole, Cuban and Caribbean” Cuisine. Courtesy of another Skyhawk aerial camera-wielding quadcopter hovering above the Islamic Da’wah Center across the street, here’s a spy video of the Commercial National Bank building it’ll be in — on the ground floor.


Photo: @adifferentryan. Video: Skyhawk Videos

Downtown Restaurant Spycam

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  • Good to hear…need more DT spots

  • Creole, Cuban & Caribbean? Dude, pick one and run with it.

  • A friend and I tried this out today, and I was terribly disappointed. I ordered the creole meatballs, and it tasted like Hungry Man salsbury steak microwave dinners. They didn’t get my friend’s order correct, and so he didn’t eat because we were out on a lunch hour. Everything was served on either styrofoam or plastic (even the eating utensils). The waitress seemed very confused and very much like she didn’t want to be there. They only have sweet tea, and they just don’t have it together in general. Hopefully it gets better (it has to).