Will They Ever Get to Play the Houston Flood?

WILL THEY EVER GET TO PLAY THE HOUSTON FLOOD? In a rare and surprising victory for regional realism, prospective fans have chosen to name Sugar Land’s new minor-league baseball team the Skeeters, the Atlantic League team’s management announced yesterday. Defeated at the baseball ballot box: also-rans the King Canes and Lizard Kings. Fans should be able to watch the Skeeters and swat mosquitoes from $8 seats in Sugar Land’s new strip-mall-inspired open-air stadium on the banks of Oyster Creek by the 2012 season. While one rendition of the new team’s logo pictures a mosquito piercing a baseball with its proboscis, an animated version (featured at the top left of every page on the team’s new website) depicts it angrily and repeatedly stabbing into Fort Bend County on a map of Texas. (See also less-charitable responses to the name from Around the Loop and Deadspin.) [Skeeters News; previously on Swamplot]

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  • Alternate names:
    – the West Nilers
    – the Texas Deer Ticks
    – the Walmarteers (a la mouseketeers)
    – the Sprawl Kings

  • Damn. I already invested all my money in Bavarian cream pies. I’m glad I also learned today that “skeeter” means something creamy, too.

  • “Angrily and repeatedly stabbing into Ft. Bend County”.

    Hilarious and well-played!

  • Will they be giving a little can of bug spray with the tickets?

  • The way things are going they may have better attendance than the Astros.

  • I love the name. And the way the baseball’s skewered in the logo. Way to be light-hearted!

  • Not the “evacuaters”?

  • Actually, the fans didn’t choose the name. It was outsourced to be chosen as a finalist, and all three finalist names were awful. The fans clearly wanted “Imperials” or something similar like Monarchs, Royals, Kings etc. but the league didn’t listen and has a lot of unhappy Sugar Landers right now.

  • we have a BASEBALL team and we are getting a completely new BASEBALL STADIUM….the fans can be upset about a name…at this point, i hope they are over it. Anyway, having a name people wanted won’t matter a bit if the team sucks (crosses fingers!) Thank God there will be one more interesting thing to do around here now.