Your First Official Look at Houston’s New Soccer Stadium

It’s not as if drawings showing the industrial look of the new Dynamo Stadium hadn’t been floating around for a little while, but today marks the day the folks at Populous, the building’s designers, officially “unveiled” the design for the East Downtown soccer venue. Hiding behind that veil, of course, is . . . a giant veil: a meshy, irregular metal skin wrapping the structure, lifted up at corner entrances to reveal a glowing orange polycarbonate surface behind. Kinda like the approach to that big reception desk at the new Downtown Y — just a whole lot more, y’know, grand.

When you’ve already designed Minute Maid Park, Reliant Stadium, and the Toyota Center, what’s left in Houston for these guys to do? Will they get to push the button for the Astrodome demo too?


Seats in the stadium will be spread on a single bowl, with 33 suites along the covered east and west sides. The center of the west side, closest to Hutchins St., will include an open-air patio. On the Walker St. side to the south there’ll be a large “concession lounge” with a direct view of the playing field, and a concealed stage that’ll be pulled out for concerts. The unshaded north, facing Texas Ave., will have a standing-room-only section.

Renderings: Populous

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  • It looks… original? It will definitely stand out in downtown Houston.

    Sadly, though, they’ll still be playing SOCCER in it, right?

  • Make it space age and show those euro-turds Houston is still the KING.

  • BirdsNest 2.0

    I like it though. Can’t wait to see some games there.

  • I like the shrink-wrapped look. Kinda looks like the remnants of a geodesic dome that got reworked by a hurricane…

  • It looks like a people cooker. I hope they don’t use reflective metal. Hot, hot, hot!

  • It looks great, love the exterior.


  • The hardest part is going to be constructing it without using your hands.

  • Congratulations on your new stadium Dynamo fans. I look forward to making a trip out to Houston for a game.

  • Looks very cool, but where’s the retractable roof?!

  • I bet Minute Maid is pissed they didn’t wait to get naming rights for the Dynamo’s orange stadium. Puts some orange slices on the corners of the structure and voila…The Minute Maid Orange Bowl

  • oooops me last name not Nall….. me last name DUST…. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • I think the design is pretty cool, but that signage they threw on there looks like a horrible afterthought. Doesn’t matter since it will probably change to some corporate sponsor’s name anyway, but let’s hope it’s a little more integrated into the architectural design and not so much ‘Graphic Design 101’.

  • Is game time usually the standard 7 pm? Because that SRO section is gonna be brutal with NO SHADE in the middle of the day. Way to go.

  • So, who’s paying for this one?

  • That design will look marvelous the first time a 90 mph wind rips the facade off. I hope they get insurance for damages caused whenever that covering lands.

  • Is it just me or is every person in the pictures Latino?

  • Soccer by Euros. Design by Jenga.

  • So many negative comments. Feng Shui needs adjustment.
    Pairs are always auspicious: two goals, two teams, two tiers of seats.
    Serving spouts are slivers of killing breath; never face fountain-drink taps toward customers.
    No sharp edges ensure good business and good income, as does a signboard that is well-lit and placed high above the ground.
    Rounded curtain makes certain there are no poison arrows for the neighbors as well, ensuring their success.
    Bright lights, especially on hollow rods thus encouraging earth energy to rise, promote good luck.
    Do not over-decorate bathrooms.
    Keep brooms, mops and cleaning supplies out of sight.
    Dynamo roof is open to allow free passage of negative energy.
    Place chandelier in south-west corner.
    So what’s wrong with you people!? detractors of most awesome Dynamo Stadium!?

  • @mek’s you.