Your Long Wait for a Sushi Restaurant and Nightclub on Westheimer Is Over: Fish and the Knife Opens Today!

Fish and the Knife Sushi Bar, Restaurant, and Nightclub, 7801 Westheimer Rd. at Stoney Brook, Houston

Note: Story updated below.

O ye of little faith, casting doubts here and there that a little 13,000-sq.-ft. standalone fine dining and lounging experience on Westheimer across Stoney Brook from AutoZone would ever open its doors after a mere 3 years of construction, a few long silences, and working so hard behind the scenes to get every detail right! It takes time, and actual anticipation, to truly earn the status of Houston’s Most Anticipated Restaurant. So take this: Fish and the Knife opens today. As in: You can park your car in the big parking lot out back, walk right in through the big wooden doors, and order yourself some sushi and a Japanese-style steak. And maybe this weekend, or some other big weekend night soon, wiggle your tail and fins to the rhythms and the flashing lights in the transformed 4,000-sq.-ft. “Las Vegas-style” nightclub inside.

Okay, but really, what took this place so long to open? Here’s the owner of the new spot at 7801 Westheimer, trying valiantly to explain it all:


Fish and the Knife Sushi Bar, Restaurant, and Nightclub, 7801 Westheimer Rd. at Stoney Brook, Houston

“The long anticipated waited is now over,” reads a post on the restaurant’s recently reconquered Facebook page. “Fish and the Knife will finally be opening its door to the public on Thursday, February 13th.” And next, the definitive explanation: “Houstonians spent these past few years speculating the cause in the delay, but there was never one.

One is offered, however: New York designer Tony Chi had to fit the design of Fish and the Knife into his busy schedule designing all sorts of other impressive places all over the world, including some for several name-dropped chefs. Next comes mention of Chi’s creation, which is “meticulous in design and order. . . . The neutral tones allow the interior to glisten without being glitzy. . . . From the custom wooden tables to the handmade Bernaud dinnerware, no detail is to be left unnoticed. Update, 3/18: The restaurant’s Facebook post claims that New York-based restaurant and hotel designer Tony Chi was commissioned to design the restaurant, and that Chi had to “fit the restaurant into his relentless schedule.” But an attorney representing Tony Chi informs Swamplot that Chi had “no role whatsoever” in connection with Fish and The Knife, “and most certainly is not answerable for its operation, particularly its delayed opening.”

Lastly, there seems to be something about the availability of the restaurant’s head chef, Bob Iacovone, who formerly headed Cuvee in New Orleans, co-owned a tapas restaurant, and who’s highly acclaimed for his continental Creole cooking. “Although Iacovone took a hiatus from the culinary world to focus on being a father, he spent this past year carefully planning and preparing the menu for Fish and the Knife.”

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A Good Restaurant Took Time

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  • Opens today…. closes in less than 12 months. With years of delays (the excuses are nonsense, especially for a glorified stripmall design) they have to be a couple of mil in the hole. Given Houston’s fickle restaurant scene, they cannot charge enough per cover to become profitable for years.

    I went to Carcaol the other day (Hugo Ortega’s new place) and was supremely disappointed. He opened relatively quickly, decor is decent, and charges prices that will make your eyes water (at least by Houston standards) but the food is simply underwhelming.

  • I have heard about this thing for so long that I am bored of it ….. won’t be going there.

  • Opening on the 13th; good luck with that..

  • No phrase is more emblematic of Houston that the following: “13,000-sq.-ft. standalone fine dining and lounging experience on Westheimer across Stoney Brook from AutoZone”.

  • Old School win the internet today. You’re perfectly correct. *golf clap*

  • I will wait one year to go.

  • One of the “architects” for the plethora of townhomes popping up in Houston could have designed this and had it built in 6 months.
    Funny to see that I agree with the above comments made by both commonsense and Old School on the same thread. What’s the name of the overpriced burger place on Main that went out of business late last year? When they closed, they said something to the effect that “Houston just wasn’t ready for” them. I predict a similar press release when this closes up shop in 12-16 months.

  • What about Hungry’s new building the village? I feel like it’s been under construction for years!

  • I nominate Old School’s comment as the Comment of the Day.

  • I’m late to the party on this one, but this place sounds like it’s trying to be that place that (failed?) in West Ave. I actually quite liked that place on west ave (only went once). It reminded me of my going-to-Vegas days. However, seeing as it’s not there it must have fizzed out. Odd as the time I went it was slammed full.

  • I second that nomination for Old School