A Double-Decker H-E-B for Meyerland Plaza

A DOUBLE-DECKER H-E-B FOR MEYERLAND PLAZA Ralph Bivins reports that grocery chain H-E-B is planning a new 100,000-sq.-ft. store on the western edge of Meyerland Plaza, near the mall-turned-big-box-collection’s JCPenney. The company announced earlier this month that it would not reopen its store at South Braeswood and Chimney Rock, which flooded after Hurricane Harvey. Stores at Meyerland Plaza, on Beechnut at 610, were damaged by flooding as well. The new structure H-E-B is planning there, Bivins says, would be 2 stories; if the configuration is similar to the company’s new Bellaire and Heights locations, that would mean the store itself would be built on the second floor, on top of a parking-only lower level. [Realty News Report; previously on Swamplot] Photo of parking lot in front of Meyerland Plaza JCPenney: Melanie H.

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  • Hmmmm….that first floor parking garage seems like a great place to rob people. Kroger is just up the road and people get mugged there in broad daylight

  • Meyerland Plaza is a pleasantly sedate place to shop. HEB-induced traffic is going to change that.

  • If you hide under the covers all day you wont get mugged

  • I wonder what this means for Target.

  • I am so happy right now!

  • @ tinyvoices: It means Target had better step up its grocery game. Ha ha!
    I’d agree with Gisgo’s comment that the quiet buzz of Meyerland Plaza will get noisy once an HEB is plunked down near the JC Penney. But, that corner (across from the school) is almost too quiet yet ripe for the HEB to land.

  • Anything is better than the S. Post Oak Kroger! Kudos to H-E-B for putting up 30.07 signs earlier in the year.

  • From Nextdoor:

    “Because the article posted is from August, I emailed Scott voicing my concerns with the already overloaded street traffic as well as the overloaded parking area of Meyerland Plaza.


    Thanks for your note.

    No announcement has been made by HEB about a store st Meyerland Plaza. We have been negotiating for a store there.

    We would not enter into an agreement to build a store at any location if we couldn’t achieve minimum dedicated parking quotas.

    You are correct- parking is a challenge at Meyerland Plaza, in particular in the center core where Target is located and on the east side facing Loop 610.

    For us to build a store at Meyerland Plaza we would have to ADD~375 dedicated parking places to our site.

    Meyerland Plaza is a regional location where people from different areas, different ethnicities and different income levels seem to be comfortable shopping together. Our research shows that a store inside Loop 610 doesn’t draw as well from outside the Loop. A store located further outside the Loop won’t draw from inside the Loop.

    You articulate a real potential challenge posed by Meyerland Plaza as it is designed today. IF we ultimately build a store there, it will be incumbent on us to make sure that access and parking are user friendly. Otherwise we would have made a mistake.

    Appreciate your concern.

    Scott McClelland
    President, HEB Houston”

  • But the Bellaire location would be literally 5 minutes away. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE HEB. A smaller pantry store would be nice for those of us who don’t care to go the mega structure that will be in Bellaire.

  • This is a great idea and I am excited! Even with the Bellaire location this one will be perfect. Park once and you can hit the grocery store after doing a number of things such as Best Buy, Starbucks, Bed Bath and Beyond, Old Navy, Target or Yoga! Yay!!!