MUD and Water at the Pine Crest Golf Course

MUD AND WATER AT THE PINE CREST GOLF COURSE Aerial, Pine Crest Golf Club Tomorrow City Council is scheduled to approve a new municipal utility district for a proposed development on the Pine Crest Golf Course at Gessner and Clay Rd. in Spring Branch that would include enough new homes to house 800 residents. MetroNational is selling the 116-acre site to Meritage Homes. “The district would be served by the City’s regional plant, West District Wastewater Treatment Plant,” reads the agenda item. “The nearest major drainage facility for Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 552 would be Buffalo Bayou, which flows into the Houston Ship Channel.” [City Council; previously on Swamplot] Photo of Pine Crest Golf Course: Meritage Homes

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  • How much of that 100+ acre site is in the floodway/floodplain/wetlands?

  • Seems like a bad idea to cover up this open space with concrete and buildings given recent events. We all know they won’t keep that water on site, but rather pipe it into the system

  • It just is not the “Houston Way” to tell folks that they cannot develope their property for the public good. We would much rather flood and destroy people’s homes and say that it was for the public good. Don’t get in the way of the developers or you will get bulldozed.

  • Chron has the detes. Looks like they plan to take it out of the 100 year floodplain, sell to home buyers without disclosing and then laugh when it gets a 500 year rain event flooding it allout. I think our flood czars company got sued for doing the same, though I don’t know if he laughed when every single home in that 2012 sugar land development got flooded.

  • My mother still lives in my childhood home in the neighborhood bordering the golf course to the east. She has never come close to flooding…

  • Lilia – This issue is not about the potential for the homes in this development to flood, but it is all about eliminating a large area that currently absorbs run-off, filling 100 acres with concrete and diverting that extra run-off into Buffalo Bayou. NO additional run-off should be directed to that Bayou. Unfortunately, the developers in Houston only care about their own pocket book.

  • The Chronicle gets so much wrong in this article you wonder if they should shut down just like Houston Press.

    This area does NOT drain to Buffalo Bayou. It drains to Brickhouse Gully that flows east to White Oak Bayou.

    It doesn’t reach Buffalo Bayou until it is in downtown.

    When you are a subject matter expert and have to read the news about your expertise, you just shake your head.

  • City has put this on the agenda to push through this week under the radar.

    If they get it done now, the 900 homes in the flood plain will be exempt from new building rules, totally free to flood their neighbors. MetroNational is pushing this big time at city hall right now.