A Near Northside Railside Pavilion Outside the New Neighborhood at Fulton and Cavalcade?

The transit-themed entryway Lennar Homes wants to build to its 39-lot development — dubbed Fulton Station — on the corner of Fulton and Cavalcade will get another shot at city approval when it goes before Houston’s planning commission this afternoon. Lennar’s new residential neighborhood hugs the Charisma Design Studios & Art Gallery Building, west of the southbound stop for METRO’s Red Line in the middle of Fulton St.

The gated entrance would go at the foot of a private park Lennar has planned just across the street from the rail platform, on the parcel highlighted red in the map below:


Previously, Houston’s planning commission deferred the developer’s request to scoot the structure up close Fulton St. on the basis of its typical requirement that buildings sit back 25 ft. from the edge (indicated by the dashed right of way line below) of properties that front major thoroughfares. This time, however, Lennar is asking that the commission consider its property as a Transit Corridor Development — a designation that allows structures to be placed closer to the property line than otherwise permitted.

Its plan calls for the pavilion’s wall to be planted to just 10 ft. from the edge of the property. Within that span, the roof of the structure would stretch 6 ft.-9 in. toward the sidewalk:

A 2-ft.-deep landscape obstacle — planted along the curb — would discourage rail-riders from crossing Fulton at the pavilion, shooing them north to the crosswalk at Cavalcade on their way to the platform in the middle of the street.

Renderings: Lennar Homes. Subdivision map, drawing, and aerial: Houston Planning Commission Agenda

Red Line Scenery

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  • Just reduce the setback requirement to 8 feet or remove it altogether, already

  • “a 2-in.-deep landscape obstacle” …. really? That is suppose to deter people?

  • Its 2 feet, not 2 inches

  • I see that is has been corrected ….

  • Considering the large number of downtown homeless now occupying this development’s new wall structure along Calvalcade I suspect the setback now required by city would turn into a Dr-facto public toilet. Let them build as close to street as possible to limit this eventuality. While Lennar is at it build a barricade along Calvalcade to prevent access to said retaining wall as its now routinely occupied by a dozen homeless at any given time. (Metro-police are worthless).