A Trim and a Retail Shell for Westheimer’s Rugged Ruggles Grill Lots

907 Westheimer Rd., WAMM, Houston, 77006

Some grooming is going on this week in the trio of lots at 907, 903, and 817 Westheimer, formerly home to Ruggles Grill and its fellow departed companion structures just east of the corner with Montrose Blvd. Back in 2012, the folks who developed Triniti were planning a casual-ish burger restaurant on the spot, but chef Ryan Hildebrand told Phaedra Cook this past August that Triniti’s owners later decided a single restaurant wasn’t the best use of the land. That burger restaurant is headed to Shepherd Dr. at Washington Ave. instead, and the Westheimer lot will get a retail project — with some flavor of restaurant included. 

Permits were issued last month for a new shell on the site, and a reader reports some mowing and general cleanup on Monday, from a vine-and-wire-crossed vantage point in the surrounding urban jungle:


907 Westheimer Rd., WAMM, Houston, 77006

That’s the Woman’s Home’s Cottage Shop thrift store on the right hand side of the frame, with Uchi and the Rosemont Social Club visible on the left. Next door, red-roofed Smoothie King still reigns:

907 Westheimer Rd., WAMM, Houston, 77006

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Montrose Mission Modification

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  • It’s about time something is being done with this lot. It has sat there (throwing off substantial property taxes- usually a sign of deep pocket owner(s). We’ll see what rises from the dust and dirt !!!

  • Why doesn’t a stand-alone restaurant work here? Parking minimums.
    A restaurant-only development requires 10 spaces per 1000 s.f., whereas a retail center with a restaurant component only needs 4 per 1000 s.f., plus a few more if the restaurant is more than 20% of the space.
    A 5000 s.f. restaurant needs 50 parking spaces. So does a 10,000 s.f. retail center with a 3000 s.f. restaurant.