Accounting for All Those Overzealous Dick Sign Posters

ACCOUNTING FOR ALL THOSE OVERZEALOUS DICK SIGN POSTERS Political consultant and bandit-sign monitor Greg Wythe digs into campaign filings to assess a recent claim by at-large city council candidate Eric Dick — that many of the ubiquitous and often illegally posted signs advertising his candidacy throughout Houston are the work of “overzealous volunteers.” Wythe’s findings: At a sign distribution meeting held at the Captain Benny’s at 10896 Northwest Fwy. just south of 34th St. in mid-May, Dick’s campaign shelled out a whopping $22.36 to feed the overzealous crowd. But payments to a company hired to distribute the campaign’s signs amount to more than $5,000. [Greg’s Opinion; background; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Empty Lot Primary

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  • I see these DICK signs all over the place. SICKENING

  • sometimes the name says it all…

  • When did “dick” go from being short for Richard or Detective to being slang for the male genitalia? Once upon a time, the name “Dick” was as popular and masculine as the current favorites like “Austin” or “Jacob” or “Grayson”. No one would even snicker at guys like Dick Fosbury, Dick Beardsley, Dick Clark, or Dick Tracy because of their first name. The most fearsome whale in the sea was named Dick. No one would even smirk when lining up against Dick Butkus. I even knew a guy named Dick Weiner. He had a long and respected career as one of the best orchestral percussionists in the US (principal in Cleveland). Dick Van Dyke got lots of laughs, but never because of his first name. But now, naming a kid “Dick” might be a soft form of child abuse. And could this happen again with a different name? Would kids one day call their bits and pieces their “Kevin” or “Craig”? How does a perfectly good name go from being common to being profane?

  • I think all of this Hype over “Dick Signs” is a bunch of BS from Dick’s opponents…just jealous because they don’t have as many signs or supporters that put out signs. Let’s face it, Dick Mania has swept Houston. Eric Dick is the best Candidate for the position….Get over it. These called “Activists” need to get involved in something positive….like helping the people whos homes have just burned down….Politics is Politics and every time there is a race, Candidates put out signs. Grow up and face reality guys!!!!

  • I don’t care who it is or what they stand for, but I’m voting for whoever is running against Eric Dick.

  • I thought that was just the label of the light pole.

  • “Overzealous Dick Signs”


    “Let’s face it, Dick Mania has swept Houston”


  • Don’t change dicks in the middle of a screw.

    Vote for Nixon in ’72!!

    The name has had that connotation since probably the 60’s or before.

    Willy & Johnson are the same. And don’t even think of naming a baby girl Gay.

    It’s the times and they are a’ changin’. (still)

    For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge used to be something that was whispered. Now, it’s common to hear. Some of us old timers don’t like to hear it but whatcha gonna do?

  • Old School is correct. And the same thing has happened to the name of Woody. We had Woody Woodpecker, Woody Herman, Woodie Harrelson and Woody Guthrie. God help you these days if your name is Woody Johnson.

  • After seeing Dick signs for the past couple of weeks, always posted high above street level, I had finally decided today that the signs must be part of some guerrilla performance art piece.

  • Explain to me why Houston is so lame that it can’t find a way to fine these sign makers/distributers and politicians for posting on public and private(without asking) property. Pass a damn law and enforce it already.

    All other major cities don’t have a sign problem like Houston. Seriously.

    Typical half-ass “we don’t believe in zoning or rules” attitude that is why Houston is widely regarded around the world as the ugliest major city in America.

    Thanks Dick, I’m voting for your opponent.

  • So Greg and Rick Hurt can’t take this Dick. But in all seriousness, why are these people so obsessed with him? All you are doing is making him more popular by ranting about him. My town has been on fire all week and our citizens have been more than hospitable towards one another. Why can’t Houston do the same? Why can’t political commentators who are so focused on bashing their least favorite people use that determination and energy on helping people who need it? If you don’t agree with a candidate, run against them. If you disagree with something, do something about it instead of defecating on the internet with your opinions. Eric is out there sponsoring things like dog day at the park under the radar with his law firm because people like you would bash him for “trying” to be a good person. Activists make me sick.

  • @James, who do you prosecute? The problem with laws against campaign signs is that one candidate may put up a bunch of his opponent’s signs, then file a complaint, while the victim hasn’t done anything wrong. Really difficult to get the right person.

  • I love that For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge… do they still teach that in school?

  • I don’t know Dick.

  • I like dick. I’ve been pretty fond of mine for a long time. It’s one of my favorite body parts. However, I just don’t like big red signs all over the place where the only discernible word is “DICK”, all caps, red background. It’s just rude. I see the one on the old SP viaduct over the Milam ramp into downtown on my way to work every weekday, and think “jeeez, what is that STILL doing up??” I would go to the doctor if mine stayed up that long. I’m not even going to get into other concerns about red dick. I am not concerned about my pushin’ 80 (vigorously, thanks), raised in small town southern Arkansas mama’s reaction…I’d think the same thing if it said “FLUFFY BUNNY.” No, it’s just stooopid.

  • Looking forward to voting against this jerk, and his sign company. Hopefully the rest of the council will get us stronger regulations on bandit signs.

  • With all this coverage, it’s going to be hard to beat Dick.

  • We’re having an election?

  • No, ricemilitaryboy, we’re having an erection.

  • What about the thousands of illegal real estate directional “open house” bandit signs posted every weekend on the public right of way? The signs often have balloons tied to them.
    Scumbag realtors even post them in the middle of Heights Boulevard. The signs are litter and I urge everyone to take them down.

  • George — yes, and then let’s start on the garage sale signs and lost pet signs!

  • Realtors are supposedly professionals, and should know the law against bandit signs. Lost pets and garage sales are entirely different,usually posted by one-time amateurs.

  • It’s February 2012. Perhaps Mr. Dick could take the signs down now?